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Why Pathpoint

Can I use Pathpoint on my smartphone or tablet?

Our platform is optimized for use on most tablets, and can be used for quick status updates when accessing from your smartphone.

Can Pathpoint integrate with AMS systems?

Pathpoint does not integrate with AMSes. API capabilities that would allow distribution and agency partners the ability to download quotes and policies are on the product roadmap.

Please email if you’re interested in adding your agency to the list of beta participants.

What are the requirements to use Pathpoint?

We require that agents maintain an active property and casualty license in the states in which they are transacting business and have insurance agency E&O coverage.

Start quoting with just your email in as little as 5 minutes.

What lines of business do you write?

Pathpoint primarily writes Property, Casualty, and Cyber Liability.

We offer coverages, including packages, around 4 programs: Contractors, LRO, Vacants, and Cyber.

What states do you do business in?

Pathpoint is licensed nationally and can accept, quote, bind, and issue business from any state.

We’re always expanding our product offerings and markets.

Will the information from our agency’s book of business be safe in your platform?

Absolutely. We have platform security protocols and a team in place to protect your data. We encrypt all the data that passes through Pathpoint, and we have undergone IT testing to ensure we meet the required standards of major carrier participants.

E&S, Wholesale & Pathpoint Basics

How do I find out Pathpoint's appetite?

Check out our Who We Insure pages for more information on specific lines of business. Our appetite is always growing and changing, so make you're signed up for our newsletter to receive updates. Reach out to with any questions.

What does it cost me to use Pathpoint?

Retail agents pay nothing to use Pathpoint - in fact, we pay you commission for bound business!

There are no complicated systems to integrate or set up - just access log in to our site and you’re ready to get started. You can submit as many risks as you need to, with no hidden charges for you or your agency.

Is your platform available direct to insureds or to other wholesalers to use?

No. We are a wholesale brokerage, and therefore we work exclusively with retail agents. We do not make our platform directly available to insureds, and we do not license white-labeled copies of our platform or software.

What are some ways that Pathpoint is different from traditional wholesale distribution?

Pathpoint offers products, technology, and service that is competitive with any top tier small commercial binding authority or wholesaler.  All submissions and processing are handled through our platform, with the support of our Insurance Operations team to service the business.

Pathpoint does not require a minimum amount of policies in a given time period, nor do we charge a usage fee. We pay agents 12.5% commission. No agents pay to utilize Pathpoint and we never charge subscription fees.

Quoting, Binding & Issuing

How do I get appointed with Pathpoint?

When you request to bind your first quote with Pathpoint you'll be prompted to complete the appointment process. If you have questions about appointment, you can book a call with one of our team members.
To complete appointment, we'll need copies of:

  1. Your home state license
  2. The dec page of your agency E&O
  3. A signed Agency Agreement (a copy can be found here)
  4. Your agency's W-9

Will I need an ACORD form or other documentation?

Pathpoint can ingest ACORDs which can make it even quicker to send in a submission, but they are not required to submit.

What happens after I request a bind?

Our Operations team will walk you through the binding process—we take care of full post-bind account servicing, calculating surplus lines taxes, filing forms and affidavits (including “diligent search” efforts), keeping accounts in good standing and much more. We are here to help you drive repeat business and stay compliant.

How quickly can I receive policy documents once I bind a policy?

Binders or evidence of coverage will be provided by Pathpoint's team as soon as the carrier's pre-binding subjectivities have been completed. For some products, policy documents will be available within just a few hours after they have been checked for accuracy by Pathpoint's team while for other products (including most non-admitted policies), policies will take several days or more to be issued.

How quickly can I get a quote from Pathpoint?

Quotes can be generated instantly upon completion of our simple online application. If the risk submitted can't be auto-quoted, you'll know instantly if each carrier will refer or decline the risk. Our goal is to give you a quick response, whether it is "yes" or "no." We will update you in the platform and/or via email when quotes that refer become available.

How long is my quote valid?

It depends on the type of coverage and carrier.

How does binding work with Pathpoint?

In order to bind, login to Pathpoint, select the account and then the quote you’d like to bind, complete any prior to bind subjectivities, and then click “Request Bind.”

A member of the operations team will review the request and any outstanding items within 4 business hours and notify you of confirmation.

Binder arrival time will vary by carrier and line of business.

How do you handle blocking markets?

For Brokerage products, if a market has received the submission already from another wholesaler, it’s possible we’ll be blocked on quoting. The Pathpoint site will indicate this market has declined and note that the decline reason is due to Pathpoint being blocked.

Can I print/download applications?

Yes. On the quote review screen, click “View Submission” and then use your browser's print functionality to save or download a document with all the submission information.

What markets can I access with Pathpoint?

P&C products are distributed or underwritten on behalf of Westchester, Crum & Forster, James River, and Kinsale. Our Instant Quote products are with Westchester and Crum & Forster. When Pathpoint doesn’t Instant Quote or refer to these markets, our operations team will work with James River and Kinsale, with your input, to come up with quotes.

Professional lines products are distributed on behalf of Westchester, Hiscox, Beazley, Zurich, Brit, and At Bay.

Billing & Service

How do I add or invite my team members to Pathpoint?

Fill out this form or reach out to us at to invite anyone to use Pathpoint.

Who is the broker of record? Does Pathpoint appear on the policy?

Pathpoint will appear as the broker on quotes, binders, policies, certificates of insurance, etc.

Who do I report claims to?

Pathpoint does not engage in the claims process. Retail agents should work with their insured customers to ensure that claims must be submitted in accordance with the instructions provided within the insurance policy as and when issued.

What is the certificate issuing process?

COIs are issued on request. At any point during the policy lifecycle, you can email or use our Live Chat feature to request a certificate. Please provide Named Insured or Policy # if available.

If you note that you will need a COI in the “Additional Information” section of your submission, we can expedite processing.

Automatic COI generation for Contractors is on the product roadmap.

Live Chat can be accessed by clicking on this icon any time you are logged in:

My agency is taking over as a BOR for a client -- how would that factor into placing the business through Pathpoint?

It depends if the prior agency placed the business with any carriers we would place it with through another wholesaler. If they have, we can only move the business at time of renewal.

If the business is not with any of our current carriers, as long as you can provide evidence you are the Broker of Record, we can work to place the account.

If my state requires a diligent search, declination affidavit or similar form, will Pathpoint file the form on my behalf?

Requirements for affidavits or diligent efforts vary by state. Pathpoint will work with our retail agents and brokers to be sure administrative requirements and filings are properly completed and filed.

I am interested in moving all of my wholesale business to Pathpoint, how would that work?

Reach out to to discuss, but likely the business would have to be moved at renewal and not mid-term as most carriers do not accept mid-term BORs due to accounting complexity.

How does Pathpoint handle renewals?

Our operations team will deliver renewal quotes 30-45 days prior to expiration based on availability of terms from our carriers. Non-admitted & specialty carriers do not quote 120 or 90 days out from expiration, typically because they want to be able to adjust rates with less lead time.

We may require updated diligent efforts forms at renewal based on state guidelines.

We will make best efforts to notify our agents 60 days or more in advance when we have an expectation that premium or terms may significantly change at renewal.

All questions can be directed to

How does Pathpoint handle endorsement and other service requests post-bind?

For most products, key endorsements can be automatically added before binding. For less common endorsements that we have not automated quoting and binding for, use our Live Chat feature or email with your request.

Mid-term adjustments or endorsements (eg: adding or removing named insured or locations) are handled manually for most products at this time. Use our Live Chat or email with the request.

How can I contact an underwriter by phone?

The fastest way to reach the Insurance Operations team or an underwriter is through or the live chat feature in the platform.

If you need to reach us by phone, our main line is 628-628-1007.

Will you/do you work with premium finance companies?

Pathpoint will accept payment from premium finance companies in place of payment from an agency.

The agency is responsible for ensuring Pathpoint receives the fully invoiced amount and may need to provide down payment separately from the premium finance company.

All payments are due 20 days after bind regardless of financing.

Pathpoint does not currently work with any premium finance companies directly.  It is the agency’s sole responsibility to ensure timely payment.

What is needed to make a commission arrangement? Is higher commission available?

Commission arrangements are completed as part of the appointment process. Our site will direct you to complete your appointment prior to binding.

Pathpoint pays 12.5% commission. Higher commission is considered for agencies that have bound more than 250 policies in a calendar year.

If I write non-admitted business through Pathpoint, do I have to file the surplus lines taxes?

Responsibility for surplus lines taxes, stamping fees, and other similar items varies by state but the responsibility to remit payment will typically fall on Pathpoint as the licensed surplus lines broker.

How does billing work with Pathpoint?

Pathpoint is an Agency Bill wholesaler today. Insureds should pay their agents directly and the agents should submit payment to Pathpoint. Pathpoint offers three options to make payments including ACH, Credit Card and Check.

There is a 3% site fee for credit card transactions based on the amount of the payment. The fee amount will be displayed at the time of payment confirmation.

We invoice concurrently when sending out the binder. Each invoice has a link you or anyone at your agency can follow to pay.

Payment is due 20 days from receiving the invoice.

Pathpoint will bill the Agent net of their commission, so the agent will be able to retain commission from the amount collected from the insured and will not receive funds directly from Pathpoint.  As such, the Agent will effectively receive commission at the time they collect payment from the insured