Our mission

Pathpoint was founded to tackle a problem that no one else in the industry was actively aiming to resolve - how to streamline small commercial E&S. Other companies were creating solutions for admitted markets, but non-admitted seemed to be too much of a gray area. Here is where Pathpoint saw an opportunity.

By taking on the challenge of building technology to address the $52 billion surplus lines market that would reduce quoting from days or weeks to just minutes, enable agents to e-sign documents, ditch the tedious process of filling out ACORD forms and provide access to accounts 24/7, Pathpoint has quickly grown to be the outstanding leader in providing a stellar agent experience by making E&S placement fast and easy.

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Our story

Pathpoint started in 2017 with the mission to build software that would streamline the procurement of surplus lines coverage.

By partnering with major carriers and focusing on having the best technology in the market, we’ve built our agents a proprietary rate-quote-bind-issue system to enable friction-free placement across all of our carrier partners. We’ve been exclusively focused on surplus lines since we started. Today we’re licensed countrywide, a coverholder at Lloyd’s of London, backed by major investors, and actively growing our reach and available products.

Businesses need insurance, yet it isn’t always straightforward to secure. This created an exciting opportunity for us and we continue to work at it every day.

Our Leadership

Alex Bargmann

CEO and Co-founder

Ralph Blust

President and CRO

Mike Hagberg

VP of Engineering

Loreto “Larry” Ruzzo

General Counsel

Melissa Chi

Head of Product

Liz Deranja

Head of Marketing

Hamza Amjad

Head of Data & Operations

Our Values

We start with why

We encourage everyone to ask why, and to focus on solving problems through thorough analysis of data and feedback. For us it’s not enough to just have a working solution, but to understand why that solution works and to build on that knowledge to produce world class products.

We work together

Nothing happens without the individual efforts of our team members, but effective teamwork is how we build and maintain customer value. We are committed to creating an environment where all team members feel respected, supported, and heard.

Hard problems drive us

We start with big ideas and work backwards to make progress forwards. Figure it out, ship, and iterate. Our DNA as a company is being technologists.

We take ownership and accountability

We think people are their happiest when they have high ownership and accountability over the problems confronting them.

We move forward

We value the ability to persist through adversity to achieve goals and believe speed plays an important role. We appreciate that what worked yesterday may not work today.

Nationwide focus

Pathpoint has its roots in technology, and is a remote team located throughout the U.S. Pathpoint is licensed in all 50 states, and our team is scattered around the country, which fits well with our mission to make E&S insurance available easily, nationwide.

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