Cyber Insurance

Answering just 9 underwriting questions, Pathpoint agents receive up to 5 quotes from world-class cyber carriers for 99% of submissions.

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Risk Appetite

  • Up to $25m revenue
  • Up to $5m limits
  • Retentions as low as $1,000
  • Premiums as low as $545
  • Admitted markets available

Coverage Highlights

  • Breach costs outside the limit
  • Primary & contingent business interruption
  • Primary & contingent system failure
  • Increased cyber crime limits available
  • Enhanced media liability available

Businesses need cyber coverage if they:

  • Accept credit card or other digital payment transactions
  • Store, transmit, collect or process personal information such as names, addresses, birthdates, etc.
  • Collect email addresses for subscriptions/marketing


  • Use computers that connect to the internet
  • Provide online appointment scheduling (salons, restaurant reservations, deliveries, etc.)
  • Supply employees with company laptops and/or mobile devices