A General Liability solution specifically for small businesses

July 21, 2020

Pathpoint's newly expanded General Liability solution is custom designed for small businesses, with annual premiums as low as $750, and specifically intended for small businesses with up to $2m revenue.

Pathpoint is designed to empower you, our retail agent partner! Here are a few ways to think about the offering:

Q: What risks should I be submitting?

A: Contractors, LRO, Main Street & Retail (reach out to info@outlinerisk.com for appetite guides).

Artisan Contractors:

Perfect for: Small specialty contractors or tradespeople: carpenters, janitors, landscapers, painters, and more!

Appetite: 55+ target classes, <$500k payroll, <50% subcontracted work, Crime Score <70

Lessor’s Risk:

Perfect for: Lessor’s of Commercial & Mixed Use Occupancies.

Appetite: >31% occupied; ≤75,000 sq. ft. area, ≤ 5 stories, crime score <70

Main Street & Retail:

Perfect for: Small businesses such as florists, grocers, dentists & food trucks!

Appetite: >85% revenue is direct-to-consumer sales of goods/services, crime score <70

Q: What else do I need to know?


Limits: $1m/$2m limit, with the ability to enhance with additional dynamic base solutions key coverages such as Personal Injury & Advertising, Damage to Premises Rented to Others, Medical, or Hired/Non-Owned Auto.

Deductibles: As low as $0 for select risks

Endorsements: Designed with custom endorsement capabilities when requested during submission.

Q: Why should I use Outline?

A: Submitting your risks through Outline’s platform allows you to receive quotes from multiple E&S carriers at once, and bind quickly and easily with all documents stored and accessible in one centralized location within your Outline account. We are here to make things easier for you: through our technology AND our team of talented insurance professionals.

  • Ease of use: Access Outline online with a single application point-of-submission and our proprietary ACORD data extraction technology.
  • Multiple carrier market access: All available online on Pathpoint's platform with a few clicks.
  • Quick quoting: Pathpoint offers instant quoting for qualified submissions from multiple carriers through our digital platform.

Q: Do you have any examples of wins?

A: Below are three examples, contact our Partner Enablement team to learn about even more.


Lessor’s Risk Only | $750 premium: A California mixed-use building with 3,800 sq. ft. and a crime score of 48.

Quote: Limits at $1m occurrence / $2m aggregate, $1m personal injury & advertising, and $100k damage to premises rented to others at an annual premium of $750 with $0 deductible.


General Liability | $5,200 premium: A Los Angeles, CA specialty electrician & remodeling contractor with $150k payroll and several classes included on “if any” basis.

Quote: Limits at $1m occurrence / $2m aggregate, including blanket additional insureds & blanket per-project $5m aggregate, from an A XIII carrier for $5,200 annual premium with a $500 deductible.


General Liability | $1,300 premium: A Lake Tahoe, CA local grocery store with revenue of $505k derived 86% from the sales of consumer goods.

Quote: Limits at $1m occurrence / $2m aggregate, $1m personal injury & advertising, and $100k damage to premises rented to others at an annual premium of $1,316 with $0 deductible.

Q: How can I get started?

A: Already a Pathpoint agent? Click here to log in and begin a submission.

New to Pathpoint ? Click here to get started today. Pathpoint is free to use.