A new Chapter for Pathpoint

A new Chapter for Pathpoint

A new Chapter for Pathpoint
Alex Bargmann
Jun 15, 2021
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It’s been nearly four years since Bobby, Jay, and I started the earliest work on what has become Pathpoint. Our goal was to build a business that would help insurance agents and carriers take back control of wholesale placement and service: dramatically simplify the process, enable visibility, and optimize for speed and usability.

It took many iterations, adaptations, and a lot of research, but today Pathpoint is delivering on that goal: in the 9 months since we launched with our 10 carrier partners, we now work with over 300 agencies.  As we continue to progress, Bobby and I are shifting our roles in order to position the company for our next phase. Bobby will be transitioning into serving as Pathpoint’s Chairman of the Board, and I will be taking on the CEO role. This shift is important for the company, and one that both Bobby and I believe is the right decision.  

Our goal is to make Pathpoint ubiquitous in the wholesale channel. Many of our clients turn to us first for small commercial E&S placement, in lieu of opting to work with the world’s largest wholesalers. That’s pretty cool. If we’re going to make Pathpoint ubiquitous, the time is now.

Wholesale insurance is massive, underserved, and growing. Thanks to the foundation the team built, Pathpoint has a unique window.  The U.S. wholesale market grew 15% from 2019 to 2020, carriers are digitizing more and more products, and producers, CSRs, and account managers are hungry for better tools. We have a lot of work to do. 

Bobby and I will continue to help support the team reinventing what it means to transact E&S insurance: delivering simplicity and speed for agencies around the country.  We’re a group of determined, sharp, hard working, and curious bar-raisers and I’m excited to help the team press on.

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