America Is Remodeling

America Is Remodeling

America Is Remodeling
May 24, 2021
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Americans will spend more than $350 billion on home renovation and repair projects in 2021, according to projections released by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.

But, if you’ve tried to reach a remodeling contractor this year, you might have already noticed that surge in consumer interest in home improvements and repairs.

As a society, Americans are emerging from the pandemic. In our homes, change is materializing in many ways, including:

  • New spaces to gather outdoors
  • Better work-from-home offices
  • New or improved home gyms
  • Dedicated spaces for online schooling

All these new trends, spurred by the pandemic, have created business for remodelers.

But, more business means more risk.

This is where insurance enters our conversation.

Is this a good time to talk about our General Liability offering for remodeling contractors?

We think so.

While your remodeling client’s business may be booming this year, more business means more opportunities for the unexpected to happen.

Our GL offering can help your remodeling contractor clients sleep better at night.

Pathpoint’s Solution

At Pathpoint, we know you’re busy. We know your remodeling contractor clients are too. That’s why we’ve designed our platform so it’s as fast (and painless) as possible.

Getting General Liability coverage for your remodeling clients has never been easier.

How do you get started? Simple:

It takes most agents about 5 minutes to get multiple quotes that are ready to share with their clients.


This boom in the remodeling business is a good thing. Help your remodeling contractor clients by getting them great coverage, so they can focus on work.

With Pathpoint’s single point of submission, you can get instant quotes for your clients. You can help them quickly manage their risk.  

At Pathpoint, we’re on a mission to streamline the procurement of surplus lines coverage. Even though we’re focused on having the best tech on the market, we’re still people intent on providing industry-leading customer service.

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