Auto-generating ACORD Forms for Insurance Agents

Auto-generating ACORD Forms for Insurance Agents

Auto-generating ACORD Forms for Insurance Agents
Nov 1, 2021
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Pathpoint, the insurance industry's first self-service E&S technology platform, announced today the launch of a new feature that automatically generates pre-filled ACORD forms, saving agents significant time and streamlining the quoting process for customers.

Pathpoint, which helps agencies place contractor, vacants, and cyber risk, along with Lessor's Risk Only policies, developed the product feature in accordance with its mission to make quoting and binding small commercial E&S policies fast and simple. Some carriers that bind via Pathpoint require signed ACORD forms as a compliance measure to complete the transaction, and filling those out can be time-consuming.

When agents submit accounts to Pathpoint, they automatically receive the ACORD forms pre-filled with the information they've already entered. This enables agents to enter information only once while still generating the documents necessary to bind.

Not only do agents never have to worry that the ACORD form doesn't match what Pathpoint has on record, if they don't end up finding a satisfactory quote from Pathpoint, agents can now download the ACORD forms and take them anywhere.

"Our focus is always on simplifying processes through the use of technology," said Alex Bargmann, Pathpoint's CEO and co-founder.

"The E&S quote, bind and issue process is a nightmare of paperwork, and re-entering the same information is frustrating. When agents quote on Pathpoint, it makes a lot of sense to clean up the binding and issuance process with our markets by using that information to generate ACORD forms automatically."

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