7 Best Insurance Agency Software

7 Best Insurance Agency Software

7 Best Insurance Agency Software
Charles Munyi
Jan 11, 2022
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The insurance industry has undergone significant changes over the last decade. As the world migrates more to the digital space, insurance has gone from being sold door-to-door to being sold online.

With an ever-increasing number of insurance customers using technology to shop for insurance policies, insurance agencies can benefit from operating digitally, as well. 

In this article, we’ll explore seven of the best insurance agency software options on the market.

What is Insurance Agency Software?

Insurance agency software helps agents with the daily operations of managing client relationships. Typically, this type of software will offer marketing automation, claims management, customer relationship management, and policy management. The goal of insurance agency software is to help insurance agencies save time. 

Technically, software for insurance agencies goes back several decades, with the earliest programs designed in the 1960s and 1970s. Today, insurance companies can reap the benefits of highly functional, intelligent software programs that help with everything from communication to digital advertising.

Insurance agency software increases efficiency. By taking advantage of software features, an insurance agent will enjoy the simplification (and automation) of tasks that were once performed manually.

There are many different software platforms available for insurance agencies to consider. To select the best one, it’s important to understand how software can benefit your agency.

Benefits of Insurance Agency Software

High-quality insurance agency software will help you:

  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Save time servicing customers (e.g. customer portals)
  • Set up with minimal learning curve
  • Streamline your agency operations 
  • Make informed decisions faster
  • Comply with regulations

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all software platform for an insurance agency. To select the right insurance software, agencies should consider their priorities and company needs, as well as the types of functionality that would improve their operations.

Must-Have Features of Insurance Agency Software

Between underwriting, claims, and regulation, the insurance business requires a lot of attention to different systems. Insurance agency software can help streamline your systems. The following features are included in high-quality software platforms:

  • Underwriting
  • Quoting
  • Claims processing
  • Policy issuance
  • Self-service customer portals 
  • Mobile capability
  • Built-in metrics and reporting
  • Back-office automation
  • Regulatory intelligence
  • Renewals management

With so many software options on the market, this is by no means a comprehensive list of features. Ultimately, the best features will help your team with time management and operational efficiency.

Key Considerations When Purchasing Insurance Agency Software

Here are a few key considerations when selecting insurance agency software.

Cost: You want cost-effective software. An insurance agency shouldn’t overextend their budget to benefit from a platform.

Integrations: Integrations are helpful for transferring information from one platform to another. You want an insurance agency software that will work with your other tools. That way, you can streamline your operations without the need to hire a developer.

Cloud-based: Cloud-based software automatically backs up your files. You’ll have the option to share files with ease, make documents more accessible from multiple company devices, and improve your data security.

Mobile capability: Highly-effective insurance agency software will be available for mobile use. This capability ensures that agency team members can access essential portals and files on the go, if necessary. 

7 Best Insurance Agency Software

It takes time to find the right insurance agency software for your team. To help you, we’ve curated the best platforms in the list below.

1. Pathpoint

Pathpoint - Insurance Agency Software

Pathpoint enables retail agents to quote, bind and issue small commercial E&S risks faster and more easily than ever before. Receive multiple bindable quotes for contractors, vacants, lessor’s risk only, and cyber liabilities in as little as 4 minutes. Get immediate access (without an upfront appointment) online, 24/7, and know you have humans to help when you need them.

2. Bold Penguin

Bold Penguin - Insurance Agency Software

Bold Penguin strives to help carriers, agents, and businesses alike get insurance policies faster. The company’s goal is to deliver some of the best digital infrastructure for businesses across the United States.

BoldPenguin helps insurance agencies of all sizes find new prospects. The company offers several services, including product integration, quoting and binding, analyzing policies, and building a “storefront” shopping experience. Agencies can request a demo of the software prior to purchase.

3. Hawksoft

Hawksoft - Insurance Agency Software

Priding itself on being the only system with a 97% recommendation rate, Hawksoft provides a large menu of products that agencies can select a la carte. The software options include an agency management system, reporting suite, agent portal, and e-signature. Hawksoft services its average customer for 18 years–even without mandating long-term contracts. 

4. AgencyZoom

AgencyZoom - Insurance Agency Software

AgencyZoom believes in letting insurance agencies do what they do best: sell policies. The company automates everyday tasks for independent and big name insurance agencies. With AgencyZoom, you can streamline client recruitment and retention, build an automated customer journey, and collect Google customer reviews.

AgencyZoom offers an insurance CRM on iPhone and Android, allowing agents to track producer performance from anywhere Agents can also use mobile functionality to generate, add, and close new leads.

5. Vertafore AMS360

Vertafore - Insurance Agency Software

Vertafore AMS360 is an agency management system that works behind the scenes while agents actively connect with their clients. The software promotes smoother process workflows, improves rates of customer renewal and retention, and even drives new business for insurance agencies. With a majority of 5-star reviews, Vertafore comes with built-in accounting, automatic alerts for renewals, and useful integration options.

6. Applied

Applied - Insurance Agency Software

Applied acts as an agency’s insurance technology partner to boost efficiency, flexibility, and productivity. With more than 35 years in insurance tech, Applied aims to help insurance businesses thrive with its innovative, cloud-based software.

Applied offers a wide range of products for the digital sphere, including an agency management platform, marketing automation, customer self-service, business intelligence and analytics, and an employee mobile app. The company’s open approach ensures that each of its products supports adaptability and agility for insurance agencies to better manage their business.

7. Origami Risk

Origami Risk - Insurance Agency Software

Origami Risk is one of the leading providers of integrated SaaS solutions for the insurance industry. Insurers can streamline policy, billing, and claims administration from one centralized location. Agents also can automate everyday tasks, such as underwriting and renewal management. Origami Risk provides ongoing customer service support, too.

Choose the Best Insurance Agency Software

High-quality insurance agency software will streamline operations while saving your team time. If you’re seeking E&S quotes for your clients, try Pathpoint today.

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