Coverage for Vacant Buildings and Land

Coverage for Vacant Buildings and Land

Coverage for Vacant Buildings and Land
Jun 16, 2021
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During the first quarter of 2021, approximately 6.8% of US rental housing stood vacant, according to the US Census Bureau. That’s more than 15.9 million units. 

Vacant properties present special risks that traditional insurance often won’t cover like:  

  • Increased chance of break-in
  • Slower detection of losses and emergency response times
  • Higher probability of vandalism

Vacants coverage can provide landlords with some peace of mind when their property sits vacant.

We’re introducing our new Vacants offering for vacant properties.

You’re probably used to having to make several submissions, fill out multiple ACORDs and supplementals, and email many different wholesalers or MGAs in order to get multiple E&S quotes to pick from. 

Not anymore. 

At Pathpoint, we’re on a mission to make getting E&S coverage speedy and simple.

With Pathpoint, getting Vacants coverage for your clients’ vacant properties has never been easier.

How do you get started? Simple:

  • Log in to Pathpoint
  • Fill out an application in less than a minute
  • Receive multiple, bindable quotes, immediately

Most accounts receive a quote within 60 seconds.

Find our full Vacants appetite here.

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