Cyber Insurance for Restaurants

Cyber Insurance for Restaurants

Cyber Insurance for Restaurants
May 4, 2021
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Restaurants fall victim to cybercrime too. Imagine:

  • A hacker breaks into a restaurant’s system and steals employee addresses and social security numbers.
  • A restaurant’s credit card machine breaks and they can't make sales.

Many Business Owner Policies, even with a cyber or data breach add-on, won’t cover these scenarios. But the restaurant still loses money.
Cyber insurance can protect your restaurant clients from cyber risk coming from data breaches, ransomware, or business interruption. Cyber insurance can protect against these common restaurant exposures:

  • Online business
  • Credit/debit card transactions
  • Processing, storing, transmitting personal customer information
  • Computers susceptible to ransomware attacks

With our nine-underwriting question online application, you can get multiple cyber quotes from top-rated carriers in less than two minutes for 99% of submissions.

Find our full cyber insurance appetite here.

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