Fillable ACORD Forms: Everything You Need to Know

Fillable ACORD Forms: Everything You Need to Know

Fillable ACORD Forms: Everything You Need to Know
Samantha Hawrylack
Dec 8, 2022
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Completing ACORD forms is one of the many tasks of an insurance agent. With multiple clients, this time-consuming job can pull you away from client prospecting and sales calls.

Luckily, fillable ACORD forms are now available to help insurance agents save time. Depending on the software tool, these forms are automatically filled out when you get a quote for a client. So, say goodbye to manually entering a client’s details more than once.

In this post, you’ll learn more about fillable ACORD forms and how they can help your insurance agency.

What are Fillable ACORD Forms?

ACORD forms are a standardized method of exchanging client information between insurance agents and carriers. They include the necessary details about the insured. Sometimes, the insured may need to verify the information with their signature before sending it to the carrier.

Agents, wholesalers, and carriers are the most common users of ACORD forms. These forms can include the type of coverage, amount, policy number, limits, and expiration dates. Since ACORD forms have a universal layout, wholesalers and carriers can quickly verify the information they need to make a decision.

Certificate of insurance (proof of coverage) is one type of ACORD form used by businesses to verify coverage to their clients. This standardized form provides reassurance that the business holds the proper insurance coverage.

With fillable ACORD forms, it’s easier to provide all essential parties with the right information. No more manually entering the same information over and over again. This time-consuming process isn’t efficient for your business. Instead, fillable ACORD forms simply the process without an overload of data entry.

Who Uses Fillable ACORD Forms?

who uses fillable acord forms

Primarily, insurance agents will use fillable ACORD forms to save time when handling multiple quotes for their various clients. Assessors and insurance brokers also use ACORD forms as part of their jobs.

ACORD forms are used at different stages in the insurance policy process. Therefore, no matter who possesses the form they have an accurate reflection of the current status of the policy. Form details may include assigned risks, sustained damages, the number of insureds on record, and the insured’s contact information.

Fillable ACORD forms increase business efficiency. Rather than manually filling out paperwork or completing an electronic form several times, a fillable ACORD form is an essential tool for time management for insurance agencies.

Faster quotes also can help to boost client satisfaction. Your clients will appreciate the speedy service for these important matters.

When Should You Use Fillable ACORD Forms?

Fillable ACORD forms exist to help insurance agents send the client's information to the carrier and wholesaler. These internal use documents are completed throughout the policy application. 

Insurance agents use these forms to help determine a client’s coverage and premiums. In the policy process, you may need to get your client to verify the accuracy of the information.

What are the Consequences of Not Using Fillable ACORD Forms?

consequences of not using fillable acord forms

Not having an ACORD form ready for wholesalers and carriers could mean delays in getting your clients the coverage they need. For potential clients, it could mean a business loses out on a bid or a loan application.

Fillable ACORD forms are important as internal documentation within an insurance agency. These forms streamline the policy process and ensure the right stakeholders have access to the right information.

Who Offers Fillable ACORD Forms?

You can find fillable ACORD forms online from companies like Pathpoint. With these online forms, insurance agents enter the information only once while still generating the documents necessary to bind.

History of ACORD Forms

ACORD stands for Agent Company Operations Research and Development. In 1970, the non-profit organization was started by insurance agents and carriers in the United States property and casualty market. 

Its initial objective was to standardize insurance forms used in making claims and registering new clients to ensure efficient workflows and data exchange. Since the release of the first paper form in 1971, ACORD has expanded its electronic data and form guidelines to other insurance lines and now provides form formats such as eForms, electronic fillable, and printable PDFs.

Currently, ACORD has offices in New York and London with worldwide membership from insurance and reinsurance companies, brokers and agents, industry associations, and financial service organizations. It maintains and updates many standardized forms for different insurance products and purposes. Since all parties deal with a similar format, data processing and information exchange are accurate and efficient.

Insurers, reinsurers, agents, and brokers benefit from using ACORD forms. The forms are widely adopted, making it easy to exchange information. Also, they reduce complexity by presenting information in a standardized format.

Why are ACORD Forms Revised?

ACORD forms are revised periodically. Typically, these revisions have to be approved by the relevant state department.

ACORD updates forms due to changes in operating conditions. Members of ACORD might propose form updates to match current business requirements. For instance, underwriting or coverage policy changes might require updating form elements or language.

Also, ACORD forms must keep up with regulatory changes or state insurance department requirements. Revisions become necessary when new laws impose new conditions. For example, changes to a state's insurance regulations can require adding or removing certain information or changing language in disclaimers, terms, and conditions, or provisions.

Brokers and agents are only allowed to issue currently approved ACORD forms. Using earlier or modified versions might be against state regulations and sometimes a misdemeanor.

Try Fillable ACORD Forms

Business efficiency is important in the insurance business. Fillable ACORD forms allow you to save time while providing superb client service. Get a Pathpoint quote to generate fillable ACORD forms for your clients.

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