How to Use Insurtech to Quote Cyber With General Liability

How to Use Insurtech to Quote Cyber With General Liability

How to Use Insurtech to Quote Cyber With General Liability
Aug 27, 2020
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Pathpoint is now offering interested retail agent partners early access to a feature that generates Cyber insurance quote(s) whenever a retail agent submits and quotes a General Liability (GL) risk on our digital platform.

This feature works by generating a cyber submission-path stemming from an agent’s initial GL point-of-submission, with no additional effort from the agent. Our technology and data-analytics do the rest.

The result is cyber quotes available to our agents on an on-demand basis, making it easier than ever to round-out their GL placements with proposal-ready Cyber quote options to present to their clients.

Why a GL-paired Cyber quoting path is valuable

We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with amazing retail agents for their GL & Cyber needs. We’ve learned a lot from these agent partners, including the opportunity to hear what they love and what they want more of.

Our findings:

  • Agents want more ways to easily round-out standalone General Liability quotes with Cyber quotes
  • Agents love how easy Pathpoint makes the process of quoting and binding business, particularly our single submission path and simple point of access.

We’re doubling down on our retail agent partners’ feedback by offering early-access to a secondary, GL-paired, path to Cyber quotes, designed to provide our agents more of what they love about Pathpoint

How it works & the tech behind the scenes

For our retail agent partners who request early access, the GL-paired Cyber quote will be available in our platform within your Pathpoint account, shortly following any successful GL quote with Pathpoint.

GL Quote Thumbnail
GL Quote Process

Let’s work together!

At Pathpoint, making our retail agent partners work-lives more easy is what we’re all about. This new feature is an incremental step as we continue along our mission of taking work off our agents desk and onto ours.

Retail agents, we’d love to work together!

Pathpoint is the insurance industry’s first open, digital surplus lines wholesale brokerage and aims to help lower transactional friction, increase retail agent’s productivity, and provide unprecedented access to underwriters and carriers.

To learn more, please contact our marketing team at support@Pathpoint .com or request access online here.

We’re hiring!

We’re a diverse team of insurance and technology experts with a shared passion for democratizing commercial insurance access and ease for retail agents.

Check out our open positions if you share our passions!

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