Humans of Pathpoint: Ben

Humans of Pathpoint: Ben

Humans of Pathpoint: Ben
July 28, 2020
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Ben, a lead on our Carrier Partnerships team, joined Pathpoint in May. Coming from At-Bay, one of our Carrier partners, Ben is our resident expert on Cyber insurance.

Ben is excited to be working at Pathpoint because our mission aligns with his personal convictions and market hypothesis. Most importantly, he says, Pathpoint “has an amazing group of people who share a common vision and are great to hang out with.”

Before his time at Pathpoint, Ben spent 10 years on the carrier side, specializing in the Financial & Professional insurance space. Most recently, he was the Insurance Product Leader at an insurtech specializing in cyber underwriting, At-Bay. In this role, he was responsible for the design, build, and deployment of their Cyber insurance product, and the configuration of technology to leverage its processing. This all resulted in Ben’s passions splitting in two: insurance and technology.

Ben is a career insurance professional and considers designing, building, and deploying insurance solutions as his craft, not his job. This passion took root in his college days, at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he studied Economics. Just like Economics, designing insurance solutions leverage intellectual imagination and curiosity. The right answer in both cases, he says, may be “it depends.”

After investing 10 years on the underwriting side, Ben identified distribution as not only an exciting prospect, where the ability to tailor insurance solutions is amplified, but as a process in the insurance market where technological innovation can solve for inefficiencies historically present in the distribution process.

In his role here at Pathpoint, Ben works on a number of things. A typical week includes developing & refining Pathpoint's insurance product strategy, working with the brand marketing team on content creation & ideation around thought leadership, and collaborating with carrier partners to configure and distribute insurance solutions. Above all, Ben says he focuses on “listening to Pathpoint's customers in order to understand, and solve for, their real needs.” Ben’s personal imperative is for “Pathpoint's insurance solutions to not only be delivered with unparalleled ease and accuracy, but to deliver a noble insurance solution which addresses the needs of retail agents and their small business clients, delivered with each and every quote.”

When he’s not working, Ben likes to spend time with his wife and two energetic sons. When he has the time, he likes to revisit lifelong passions such as snowboarding, going to concerts, reading, and traveling to new places (most recently in December, he spent 3 weeks traveling in Asia with his 2 sons in tow).

We are thrilled to have Ben on the team here at Pathpoint, bringing a wealth of insurance knowledge, cyber expertise, and positive energy to the team at Pathpoint.