Humans of Pathpoint: Betsy

Humans of Pathpoint: Betsy

Humans of Pathpoint: Betsy
Aug 27, 2021
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Meet Betsy

Betsy is the Engineering Manager for the Platform team. 

The Platform team at Pathpoint owns both the devops experience and the tools and frameworks that other engineering teams use to make their jobs easier. Betsy likes building for other engineers because “I can get in their mindset. It's cool to see them build off of our work. A lot of parts of the company depend on you, and you get to work on interesting problems. Scaling and handling databases, how to custom tailor systems to our use cases - they’re all interesting problems from an engineering perspective.”

As a manager, Betsy gets a lot of exposure to what the company needs, and is able to have a larger impact on how well Pathpoint does. “You can use your perspective on the company and on your engineers to help them both grow together. Aligning their careers and personal growth with the company's growth is very satisfying.”

Why Pathpoint?

Prior to Pathpoint, Betsy worked at a fintech company improving the lending process for people trying to get a mortgage. She saw the immense value they could bring to people by updating an outdated system, and she saw the same in Pathpoint’s vision. “It's pretty easy to relate to the issue”, she says. “Even though you might not be familiar with specialty insurance, everyone has renter’s or car insurance, so they understand the general principle -- having a marketplace makes it easier to get the right coverage.”

She also likes that she gets to do a deep dive on the insurance world, which she wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. “When I think about insurance, I think about large accounts, esoteric types of insurance; it’s such an interesting market. The more complex the risks are, the more interesting the problem is for us to solve.”

Working at a startup is great, she says - with lots of exciting opportunities for growth and mentorship. “Working at a startup is so interesting career-wise and culture-wise, and the work is always fast paced and high impact.”

In her free time, Betsy likes to play with her Shiba Inu, powerlift, run, and bake (and eat) things she’s seen on the Great British Bake-Off.

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