Humans of Pathpoint: Rahul

Humans of Pathpoint: Rahul

Humans of Pathpoint: Rahul
Aug 27, 2020
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We are excited to welcome Rahul Desai to the Pathpoint team. Rahul joins us from a Business Operations role at a fast-growing retail brokerage startup. In his three months at Pathpoint, he has already had a big impact on how things run.

As the sole member of our Business Operations team, Rahul solves problems including selecting vendors, competitive and regulatory research, and process improvement and automation. In his time at Pathpoint, he has been able to implement improvements that have helped all of our team members streamline their work, including outsourcing elements of our licensing management, implementing an e-signature workflow, and creating insurance training for employees. This has empowered the team to focus more deeply and move more quickly on their work.

One of the great things about working at Pathpoint, Rahul says, is that he can take on special projects in collaboration with our company leadership team. Additionally, he relishes the autonomy he has to dictate his own approach to projects and deadlines. Rahul comments about his manager, Steve, “I’ve appreciated his kindness, his flexibility and cognizance around people’s personal lives, and the way he doesn’t sweat the small stuff because of his trust in me.”

Why Pathpoint?

Rahul was excited to join Pathpoint not only for the opportunity to join a new team where he could have an impactful role, but also because he is excited about our platform.

“We build quoting solutions that enable small commercial risks to find & maintain the excess & surplus coverage they need, more efficiently and effectively than ever before.”

The coolest thing about this, he notes, is Pathpoint’s direct integration with carrier APIs. Quoting is usually the slowest and most expensive part of the insurance process, and Pathpoint's integrations make quoting quick and pain-free for carriers and agents alike.

Insurance, Rahul comments, was not necessarily the industry he knew he would enter into, but he likes that it solves a “real-world problem” and that, without it, society would function very differently. Insurance gives people a safety net, which makes it possible for them to start businesses, buy homes, and survive. “Insurance enables people to be ambitious.”

When he’s not making Pathpoint more efficient, Rahul is staying busy. He’s been making pasta from scratch — up to 10 pounds a week at one point during quarantine — and has been nicknamed “The Fettuccine Factory” by his family. Rahul is also very active on Twitter, which is actually how his last two jobs found him (including Pathpoint)! He mentions his “advice to job hunters is: just be active on Twitter — it’s a serendipity machine.”

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