Humans of Pathpoint: Robin

Humans of Pathpoint: Robin

Humans of Pathpoint: Robin
Aug 26, 2021
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Meet Robin

Robin is a Product Designer on our Product team. She’s based out of California.

Robin designs the interface and experience of the application the agents use to make submissions.

"I want to help agents have a better and faster experience placing their wholesale business by reducing the complexity of submitting E&S."

Robin’s favorite part of her job is working on new features for Pathpoint - it’s fun because there are few guidelines, and it’s exploratory work. She also enjoys designing improvements for the platform since she can riff off existing ideas and be creative within the constraints set forth already. 

As a Product Designer, Robin works with the Engineering teams, the other Product Designer, Tiffany, and the Product Managers. Her process involves a lot of back and forth with the Product Managers and Engineers to discuss what should be built. She also works with Marketing and Distribution to get feedback that informs the design of the interface., It is a collaborative process, there isn’t just one person on the team dictating what should be done.

Robin’s job is to find common themes to simplify the disparate processes of getting E&S products for insureds. There’s a lot to work on, and there is “always something interesting; there are so many parts to E&S, you can't get bored.”

“At Pathpoint, you’re given lots of agency and trusted to do your job. Be prepared to back up your decisions, we enjoy dynamic conversations.” 

Robin likes the phrase “strong opinions loosely held,” which means having a point of view and also being able to compromise. 

In her free time Robin  likes to spend time with family, close friends, read, learn about calligraphy, and pet neighborhood cats.

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