Humans of Pathpoint: Rohan

Humans of Pathpoint: Rohan

Humans of Pathpoint: Rohan
November 24, 2020
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Rohan Shankar is a software engineer on Pathpoint’s Platform team. 

The Platform team is responsible for keeping things up and running for the other engineering teams. One way to think about what they do, Rohan says, is to think of “the other engineering teams as our customers.” He helps create infrastructure that allows the other teams to build out the code needed for carriers to have their products listed, and for agents to submit and bind quotes.

The changes that Rohan makes can’t be seen immediately, but months later they become clear, as the platform continues to develop. Rohan says that despite being delayed, it is highly gratifying to see the impact his work makes on the other engineering teams, and says that being able to help others is the highlight of his job.

Rohan spends his time thinking about how to store data efficiently, and make life easier for other engineers. The biggest problem that he thinks about every day is how to make it faster for coverages to be added to the platform. Creating tools for engineers to build risk submission flows requires knowledge of insurance inner-workings, which, after 2 years at Pathpoint, Rohan has quite a lot of.

Two years ago, Rohan joined Pathpoint after meeting one of our co-founders, Jay, who explained the complex and interesting problem that Pathpoint is working to solve: streamlining the process of quoting and binding E&S insurance. “What Pathpoint is doing is pretty novel in the E&S industry, it’s really exciting.” 

Despite being new to the world of insurance, Rohan was intrigued by it - he likes that people “ see the problem and want a solution,” but also careful to not just hop on trends and wait for products that are worthwhile. 

When he’s not thinking about insurance and helping other engineers solve problems, Rohan likes to read, and wants to write a book someday. He is currently considering a variety of topics, from Vikings to Native Americans to East Asian history. He also likes lifting, which is how he met Jay and learned about Pathpoint.