Everything to Know About Insurance Agency Management

Everything to Know About Insurance Agency Management

Everything to Know About Insurance Agency Management
Charles Munyi
Feb 17, 2022
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The insurance industry involves a lot of moving parts. From finding new leads to managing current customers to assessing risk, insurance agency management is a crucial part of your business.

Fortunately, as digital systems evolve, an insurance agent’s daily manual tasks are now completed online. Thanks to insurance agency management software, insurance agents can shave off hours of routine work, freeing up their time to focus on more urgent matters.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about insurance agency management and how insurance agents can benefit from it.

What is an Insurance Agency Management System?

An insurance agency management system is a software tool that centralizes the day-to-day functions of the insurance business. Because the industry has a lot of paperwork, an insurance agency management system can act as the “shortcut” approach to managing your business operations.

Insurance agency software is also an effective solution for automating integral insurance functions, such as generating leads for agents. This type of automation increases efficiency and often leads to greater productivity in the workplace.

Ultimately, an insurance agency management system can make all the difference in improving basic but time-consuming tasks.

Benefits of Insurance Agency Management Software 

Insurance agency management software offers several benefits for agents, including increased work efficiency, stronger client relationships, and streamlined business systems. 

More automated processes mean fewer manual tasks that an insurance agent will need to perform. For example, insurance agents spend a lot of time filling out, compiling, and storing paperwork. 

An insurance agency management software allows you to manage, organize, and secure documents. As a result, insurance agents can now spend their valuable time prospecting.

Poor communication can cause friction in the client relationship. An insurance agency management software offers your clients choices on how to interact with you, like live chat features. It also allows you to quickly access their policy information to serve their immediate needs.

Insurance agency management software also streamlines your business systems. Get access to reporting tools, data analytics dashboards, and workflow automation. You’ll eliminate task redundancy in your office. No more starting from scratch when you a centralized, secure place to house your policy management.

Features of Insurance Agency Management Software

When shopping for an insurance agency management software, there are a few features that any high-quality product will offer. 

Accounting & Reporting

Accounting and reporting functions take up a significant portion of an insurance agent’s time. A tool will ideally track and store profit, risk, costs, and other records for each account. Your software will keep all this information accessible in a single dashboard.

Payment Processing

When agencies use multiple billing methods for clients, it leaves more room for human error, like forgotten payments. Automatic payment processing keeps invoicing streamlined, rather than having to use another software or manual process for payments. 

Mobile Functionality

A mobile app allows instant access to essential functions and documents from anywhere—even when you’re away from the office. You can give top-notch client service no matter where you are.

Client Portal

Insurance agency management software should have a client portal where your customers can view their account history and payments and ask your insurance agency questions. This convenience ensures clients get the support they need. 

Task Management

Task management in insurance software automates manual tasks. Tools are now available to handle document management, renewal management, and cancellation tracking.

Questions to Ask Insurance Agency Management Vendors

Thinking about investing in insurance agency management software? Here are a few questions to ask potential vendors.

What are some differences between AMS and CRM software?

A: AMS features often include website management, purchase fulfillment, and membership dues collections. CRM may focus on lead scoring and conversions, marketing automation, and analytics.

How is data stored or backed up on an AMS?

A: Most AMS software is cloud-based. Cloud-based software automatically saves and stores new data as changes are made within the tool. You can access that data anywhere with an Internet connection.

How long should it ideally take employees to learn how to use a high-quality software?

A: You want software that’s user-friendly with little to no learning curve. With any new tool, set up a training session to show your team how to use the software. Take advantage of any available demos offered by the software vendor. A demo will allow you to test out the interface and features.

Best Insurance Agency Management Software

We compiled a list of the best insurance agency management software options. Review each tool to understand which one might work best for your team’s needs.

1. AgencySmart

AgencySmart insurance agency management

AgencySmart is self-described as the first fully integrated agency management solution. No more worrying about typos and naming conventions with this integrated system. You’ll reduce the number of tools your team needs. Plus, this software helps you eliminate paper forms and create digital employee files.

2. AgencyBloc

AgencyBloc insurance agency management

AgencyBloc helps insurance agencies expand their businesses. Manage client, prospect, agent, and commission data using AgencyBloc, and take advantage of workflow automation tools that can be customized to your business’s specific needs.

With a demo version and free trial available, you have the opportunity to test out AgencyBloc before making your purchasing decision.. The site’s live chat is another helpful way to get your questions answered.

3. Applied Epic

Applied Epic insurance agency management

Applied Epic strives to make your insurance agency the most practical and effective option for your clients. With an easy-to-use interface, the tool is designed to help you easily manage your agency in a single view. Applied Epic is also great for converting data into insights that can help your agency make more competitive decisions.

4. Indio

Indio insurance agency management

Indio specializes in pulling applicant information without repetitiveness. Indio scans the insurance industry’s library of more than 100,000 applications and insurance forms to gather the most relevant, effective questions for your applicants.

One unique feature that Indio offers is auto-mapping with the use of “smart forms,” populating similar questions on multiple documents with the same answer to save applicants time. These smart forms come with pre-built conditional questions to streamline the application process. It’s a win-win for your clients and your business.

5. NowCerts

NowCerts insurance agency management

NowCerts is an intuitive, secure agency management system. The software integrates with popular workplace tools, such as Google Drive, QuickBooks, and InfusionSoft. It will also integrate with your existing agency website in minutes.

NowCerts extends a variety of helpful offerings to their customers, such as 24-hour support, a 30-day free trial, and a software demo. You can try it risk-free to determine whether it is a good fit for your agency.

Explore Insurance Agency Management Software

Insurance agency management software can make all the difference in time and cost savings for your business. Explore your options to increase productivity, boost sales and leads, and improve client retention. 

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