Holiday Gift Guide for Insurance Agents

Holiday Gift Guide for Insurance Agents

Holiday Gift Guide for Insurance Agents
Dec 7, 2022
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Gift-giving season has officially arrived!

Whether you’re buying for a colleague or treating yourself, insurance agents deserve a special holiday gift. They spend the entire year shopping for policies. Now, it’s time to show a little gratitude for their hard work.

Not sure what to buy? Here are our hand-picked holiday gift items for insurance agents.

9 Holiday Gift Ideas for Insurance Agents

1. Pen Holder

No more stuffing pens in a drawer. This golf pen holder provides organization to an unkept office space. Plus, it’s a cool place to keep all your Pathpoint pens.

golf pen holder

2. Headset With Microphone

You speak to several clients every single day. Enjoy a comfortable headset to ensure clear communication with your clients.

headset with microphone

3. Portable Charger 

Nothing is more annoying than a low battery on your phone. With this portable charger, you’ll have enough battery power to take phone calls anywhere.

portable charger

4. Briefcase

It’s no fun carrying documents in your hand when you have an important meeting. Instead, a durable briefcase offers convenience along with modern functionality.


5. Coffee Maker

When the afternoon slump happens, it may be time to grab a cup of coffee. You don’t have to drive to the nearest cafe when you have a coffee maker.

coffee maker

6. Portable Monitor

The insurance business isn’t tied to a desk. You need the flexibility to do work while you travel. This lightweight portable monitor allows you to work on the go.

portable monitor

7. Note-Taking App 

Productivity is important for any insurance agent. Keep all your to-dos and client notes in one place with a note-taking app.

Evernote note-taking app

8. Customized Business Card Holder

Say goodbye to forgetting your business cards. Step up your professionalism with a custom-engraved business card holder.

customized business card holder

9. Magazine Subscription

Successful insurance agents are always honing their craft. Prepare for a new year by investing in professional development. Get a magazine subscription to keep up with industry trends.

Insurance Journal magazine subscription

Give Holiday Gifts to Insurance Agents

Insurance agents earned their holiday gifts this year. From personalized gifts to simple stocking stuffers, consider buying a gift for your colleague (or yourself).

Disclaimer: Pathpoint is not an affiliate of any of the above-mentioned products, and we do not endorse these products.

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