11 Insurance Blog Topics to Engage Your Clients

11 Insurance Blog Topics to Engage Your Clients

11 Insurance Blog Topics to Engage Your Clients
Tara Seboldt
Aug 9, 2022
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Blogging has evolved beyond personal storytelling. Blogs are now an important piece of successful digital marketing strategies. For insurance agencies, having a blog helps attract and retain ideal customers.

In this article, you’ll learn how—and why—to implement a blogging strategy for your insurance agency. You’ll also get insurance blog topics, so you can start a blog today.

Why Blogging Matters in the Insurance Industry

Insurance agents don’t just sell policies. You’re selling a long-term relationship with clients. A blog can help you facilitate that relationship.

Blogs are often part of a larger content marketing strategy. Content marketing is a type of marketing that boosts brand awareness using online materials, such as blogs, social media, and email marketing.

Your goal is to share relevant content with your audience. When they have questions about insurance, your audience will visit your site to get answers. And when it’s time to buy a policy for their business, your brand name will come to mind.

11 Insurance Blog Topics

Ready to start (or revamp) a blog for your insurance agency? Have no idea where to begin? Coming up with blog post ideas can be one of the most time-consuming tasks. These insurance blog topics should help you jumpstart the creative process.

1. State Insurance Regulations

Do you work with a lot of state-specific businesses? Your blog can highlight state insurance regulations and guidelines.

For example, your state may have made changes to insurance laws in the last year. You can use a blog post to explain those changes to readers. Be sure to include how the changes will affect your customers. You can also encourage them to reach out to you with any questions.

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An FAQ post is one of the most beneficial for your customers. It centralizes answers to your customer’s questions in one place. That way, they won’t have search your website for the answers.

To create the post, consider the questions you get most often from customers. For example, many of your clients may ask how cyber insurance works. You can answer this question, then include a few follow-up questions, such as:

  • Can your business benefit from cyber insurance?
  • How is a cyber policy different from BOP cyber endorsements?

3. Guest Blog Posts

Guest blogging is when an external partner writes a blog post for an organization. It can work two ways:

  • You invite an industry expert to write a blog for your website.
  • You write a blog post for someone else’s website.

Bringing in experts to guest post on your blog gives your readers outside perspectives on important insurance topics. Accepting guest posts can also boost the credibility of your blog by sharing knowledge from multiple experts.

Good examples of guest post authors include insurance carrier employees or insurtech experts. You can also consider writing blogs for other websites. You might write a guest post for your local chamber of commerce.

4. Industry Deadlines

Do you serve a lot of customers in a specific industry? You can use your blog to provide important industry deadlines for customers.

Let’s say clients in a designated industry have to file for certain permits by July 1. You can create a post in mid-June to remind them of the filing deadline. You also can share information on how to file.

5. How-To Guides

How-to guides outline how to accomplish a specific task with your insurance company. These guides help your customers complete these tasks on their own. They’ll be less likely to need your assistance, giving you more time to focus on unique customer concerns.

A common how-to blog for insurance agencies is step-by-step instructions for using online self-service portals or apps. For example, you can use screenshots along with text to walk your customers through the process of changing their address or paying their bills.

6. Seasonal Content

Create content for your blog that’s both timely and helpful to readers. For example, if you work with a lot of landscapers, you might publish a post at the start of spring as their busy season ramps up. Topics could include spring business tips, like updating their new business address.

One of the most popular types of seasonal blog posts is end-of-year posts. Encourage readers to review their insurance policies and coverage. Remind clients you’re available to help them with their policies.

7. Client Interviews

Your clients can be one of your best marketing resources. Have you helped a client through the claims process? Or, has a client expressed their happiness with your customer service or agency team?

Consider asking if they’d sit for an interview for your blog. Some clients may even agree to a short video interview, which can be used for your social media channels.

8. Short Informational Videos

Social media platform TikTok has over 1 billion active monthly users. That’s a good sign that short, digestible videos are popular with Internet users.

You don’t have to do a silly dance to take advantage of short-format video marketing. Informational videos can be a helpful client resource.

Try creating a short explainer video of how a type of coverage works. You’ll need some basic camera equipment (a smartphone) and video editing skills. Simply develop a short script and jump in front of the camera.  

9. Current Events

Publishing relevant and useful information is a key factor in a successful blogging strategy. You can use current events, such as news stories, to create content for your blog. Be sure to relate these posts back to insurance products, the insurance industry, or your customers’ industries.

For instance, a major corporation experiences a significant data breach. You could post a blog that looks at the story from an insurance angle and talks about the importance of cyber insurance.

10. Product or Partnership Announcement

Introducing new products or partnerships is valuable content to your audience. Think of the post as a press release, specifically for your customers.

You can see this strategy at work on the Pathpoint blog. For example, this blog post announces a partnership between our brand and Nautilus Insurance Group to give agents more coverage options for clients. The blog post is both promotional and educational for Pathpoint customers.

11. Common Insurance Myths

Insurance is confusing for many business owners. This confusion can create a lot of myths regarding coverage, agents, and policies. Luckily, you can dispel common insurance myths using blog posts.

For instance, a common myth is that business owners don’t need insurance if they don’t have employees. You can use a blog post to explain how commercial insurance is beneficial for businesses with and without employees.

Blogging to Earn Insurance Clients

Use the above-mentioned insurance blog topics to build your blog. Then, share your posts with your clients via email, social media, and other marketing channels.

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