11 Insurance Sales Training Programs for Agents

11 Insurance Sales Training Programs for Agents

11 Insurance Sales Training Programs for Agents
Charles Munyi
Oct 13, 2022
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Insurance agents need a range of skills to show their clients the value of their products. Sales is one of the most important talents for insurance agents.

Insurance sales training programs equip agents with specific, actionable insights on how to nurture their insurance sales skills. With quotas to hit, these skills help agents pursue new leads, attract prospective clients, and confidently advocate for their products. 

Let’s learn about the importance of sales skills along with insurance sales training programs for agents. 

Why Sales Skills Are Important for Insurance Agents

Sales skills help insurance agents understand their clients’ needs, answer client inquiries, and make better recommendations. Unlike the old used car salesman tactics, the right set of sales skills empowers insurance agents to be top performers in their careers. 

Some sales skills insurance agents can learn face-to-face selling, sales negotiation, sales prospecting, and virtual selling. Beyond on-the-course learning, insurance agents can master their sales skills through practical experience.

Sales training offers insurance agents the opportunity to learn how to use an effective sales process and boost their overall sales performance. They also develop proven selling techniques and understand the power of communication. Here are the benefits of sales training to insurance agents:

  • Closing more deals: You’ll learn more effective sales techniques and understand how those methods fit different customers. 
  • Retaining existing clients: Sales training teaches agents how to identify buyer needs, cross-sell, and upsell products. 
  • Gain in-depth knowledge: Robust sales training helps agents gain more knowledge beyond a specific sales script. You’ll learn how to address clients confidently, engage in meaningful conversations, and respond to client inquiries. 

11 Insurance Sales Training Programs for Agents

Professional sales training programs can help insurance agents develop their sales skills. Several organizations offer online courses to both first-timers and those looking for a refresher course. Here are insurance sales training programs agents should consider.

1. Total CSR

total csr insurance sales training program

Total CSR provides high-quality, actionable insurance sales training content through blogs, podcasts, and its YouTube channel. Its podcasts include interviews with qualified insurance representatives. Learn how to find a job in insurance sales and avoid common pitfalls in your career.  

Industry entrants and veteran agents can benefit from Total CSR’s training program. Advanced programs include training on how to develop your agency and staff. There are options to create your custom courses on the topic of your choice. 

2. Richardson Sales Performance

richardson sales performance  insurance sales training program

Richardson Sales Performance offers a wide range of sales training resources for insurance agents. The sales training content is based on behavioral science to address all phases of the insurance sales cycle. Their Connected Selling Curriculum provides a broad, effective solution to help agents learn and apply critical selling behaviors in the field. 

Take a comprehensive performance journey through intuitive digital learning modules, online assessments, and CRM-enabled workflow tools. Sales training is delivered in various ways, including virtual and live. 

The training programs achieve progressive learning by building upon each other. This method provides a clear approach for sales learning and performance. 

3. RAIN Group

RAIN group insurance sales training program

RAIN Group’s sales training programs and methodologies are backed by their experience working with insurance companies. The program includes a rich library of distinct, modular learning blocks that cover specific selling skills, including bringing in new business and maintaining existing clients. 

Each module is designed to maximize learning outcomes and engage the modern learner. The complete learning system focuses on behavior change and results through assessments, program customization, and training support. 

The program helps insurance companies sell with an insight-based approach, increase cross-selling and upselling, and uncover the hidden growth opportunities. RAIN Group teaches agents how to sell their expertise.

4. Victory Selling

victory selling insurance sales training program

Steve Heroux’s Victory Selling program offers diverse services to help insurance agents get to the next level. Through reality-based training, you’ll learn proven sales methods, build your skillset right, become a prospecting pro, and master the art of closing without being pushy. 

Start with Victory Sales Mastery, a proven system of selling that helps insurance agents control the entire sales process from start to finish. You also can learn about corporate sales, keynote speaking, and sales team evaluation. Online sales courses provide reality-based teaching and training to help you master insurance selling. 

5. Sitkins Group, Inc.

sitkins group insurance sales training program

Sitkins provides coaching and training programs to insurance agencies. Training programs are grouped into three categories: individual programs, all-inclusive model, and private client groups. 

The all-inclusive model suits agency-wide training, while the individual program suits those who need a one-time program. Programs are delivered in both an online and in-person format. 

The insurance training is backed by a comprehensive knowledge bank, workshops, training programs, and networking events. Their Agency Transformation Process teaches insurance agents about teamwork, selling, retention, and replication. It’s all about reducing people's issues and working more efficiently.

6. Factor 8

factor 8 insurance sales training program

Factor 8 offers an online-only subscription training that focuses on virtual sales skills. This custom curriculum trains agents to master their phone selling techniques and reach their revenue goals.

Sales training courses are available in either a basic program or advanced program. The basic program covers topics like overcoming objections, excellent introductions, and uncovering sales opportunities. The advanced program incorporates the basic program plus other topics, including building rapport, selling your value, and gaining referrals. 

Interactive training lets agents access call recordings on customer engagement and customizable sales scripts. 

7. Anthony Cole Training Group, LLC

anthony cole training insurance sales training program

Anthony Cole’s sales training program teaches agents how to ask the right questions to foster productive dialogue. Learn how to implement a dependable selling system and develop the language to get the attention of your target market. 

Important concepts to learn include how to get introductions, make compelling phone calls, and use LinkedIn and other networking resources to build potential leads and grow relationships. 

8. Janek Performance Group

janek performance group  insurance sales training program

Janek Performance Group offers a wide range of sales training programs from basic sales skills to advanced negotiation. Janek’s programs help agents shift their mindsets to focus on how to sell rather than what they’re selling. In addition, agencies can use Janek for continued sales coaching for customized feedback on current sales techniques. 

9. Academy of Insurance

academy of insurance insurance sales training program

Academy of Insurance is a virtual insurance sales training platform. Agents can sign up for both live courses or view previous courses on demand. Many of the courses help agents improve customer service to increase customer retention.

10. Killing Commercial

killing commercial insurance sales training program

Killing Commercial is a membership subscription for commercial insurance agents. The membership includes access to an extensive library of sales training courses to help agents close more deals. Agents can also sign up for one-on-one sales support calls with the Killing Commercial team to ask specific questions.

11. Marshberry

marshberry insurance sales training program

Marshberry is a consulting firm for the insurance and financial industries. Its Producer Academy insurance sales training helps new agents improve their sales skills. The program can also be used to build a sales management team within an agency—making it easier for veteran agents to train and mentor new producers at your agency.

Enroll in an Insurance Sales Training Program

Whether you’re a new insurance agent or a veteran, comprehensive sales training will support your career. Enroll in an insurance sales training program to become a sought-after agent.

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