InsurTech Insights: Resources for Insurance Agents

InsurTech Insights: Resources for Insurance Agents

InsurTech Insights: Resources for Insurance Agents
Tara Seboldt
May 19, 2022
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What will the insurance industry look like in the future? With the rise in insurance technology, or InsurTech, the industry is continually changing.

Keeping up with the latest innovations can be a challenge. Luckily, there are plenty of resources to help you navigate insurance trends. Let’s take a look at our top picks to follow for InsurTech insights.

What is InsurTech?

InsurTech is a term referring to the use of technology in the insurance industry. Many insurance leaders hope to use technology to disrupt the insurance industry.

The main goals of InsurTech include:

  • Driving innovation in the insurance industry.
  • Increasing efficiency through automation and technology.
  • Promoting cost savings for brokers, agents, and consumers.

Why is InsurTech Beneficial for Insurance Agents?

InsurTech products can help agents run more efficient businesses with better customer service. Sales software helps you track your lead pipeline. A customer dashboard lets you manage your clients with ease. You can even use instant quoting software to quickly bind policies.

All of these innovations make running your business easier and gives you more time to focus on your most important asset — your clients.

Top Conferences for InsurTech Insights

InsurTech conferences let you dedicate time to learning about current trends. You can see demos of current technology and discover new platforms for your business. 

1. InsurTech Connect

Hosted in Las Vegas, NV, InsurTech Connect is one of the largest InsurTech conferences in the world. Speakers include leaders from long-standing carriers to successful InsurTech companies.

2. InsurTech Insights Americas

Located in New York, InsurTech Insights Americas offers insights, inspiration, and networking opportunities for industry professionals. One of the main focuses is to help professionals think outside the box and look for ways to embrace InsurTech within their businesses.

3. Reuters Events: Insurance AI and Innovative Tech USA

Reuters Events InsurTech conference in Chicago, IL, looks to address the challenges faced by the insurance industry — and seeks solutions from technology. You’ll learn how to filter through the infinite InsurTech options to find products that work for your business. You’ll also gain insights on how to adopt a technology-focused culture within your insurance firm.

4. WSIA InsurTech Conference

The Wholesale and Specialty Insurance Association hosts an InsurTech conference specifically for professionals in the surplus lines industry. You’ll learn how to create and implement digital strategies for your business, including taking advantage of data analytics and using AI to automate your business processes.

Top Newsletters for InsurTech Insights

Stay up-to-date on the latest InsurTech news by subscribing to industry newsletters. These newsletters bring the latest innovations, business news, and InsurTech insights directly to your inbox.

1. Insurance Thought Leadership

Insurance Thought Leadership (ILT) hosts articles and insights from insurance experts in the industry. You can subscribe to their newsletter and choose which areas of the industry you’re most interested in, including technology and innovation.

2. InsurTech News from Insurance Journal

Insurance Journal is one of the largest publications in the insurance industry. They offer a print magazine as well as online articles. Subscribe to their InsurTech Newsletter and stay up-to-date on the latest news, including InsurTech business acquisitions and funding, along with regulatory issues.

3. Insurance Business America

Insurance Business America is a leader in insurance industry news from across the country. Their online publication has information articles, thought leadership pieces, and insurance business reporting on all aspects of the insurance industry.

4. InsurTech Insights Newsletter

InsurTech Insights isn’t just a great conference host. They also provide articles and insights on emerging InsurTech products, businesses, and tools. Recent topics include the use of AI for underwriting, thought leadership from insurance executives, and in-depth looks at InsurTech product releases. You can sign up for their newsletter to get fresh articles delivered to your inbox.

Top Podcasts for InsurTech Insights

Podcasts have made it easier for experts to connect with an audience. Several active InsurTech podcasts discuss current events and future predictions. They’re a great way to hear about current innovations in a casual setting, rather than from a press release or conference presentation.

1. The Insurance Technology Podcast

Host Reid Holzworth, CEO of IVANS insurance, talks with guests about how past technology and innovation in the industry drive future innovations. Podcast guests include David Wroe, who helped develop the first agency carrier interface. You can also hear from up and coming innovators, like Ilya Bodner, the founder and CEO of InsurTech platform Bold Penguin.

2. FNO: InsurTech Podcast

The FNO: InsurTech Podcast offers new episodes each week with guests including insurance carriers, InsurTech experts, service providers, and industry groups. The guests discuss innovative ideas, explain new concepts, and offer their perspectives on modern insurance technology.

3. The InsurTech Leadership Podcast

John Hollander, CEO of Horton International, hosts The InsurTech Leadership Podcast. He interviews leaders of the fastest-growing InsurTech companies to get insights into how their technologies are changing the industry.

4. InsurTalk with Laura Drabik

InsurTalk is a podcast focusing mainly on P&C insurers. Host Laura Drabik speaks with industry leaders who have taken an InsurTech idea and used it to move their business forward. Her guests include Bryan Falchuk, author of the best-selling series The Future of Insurance: From Disruption to Evolution, as well as, InsurTech venture capitalists.

Top Twitter Profiles for InsurTech Insights

Social media gives you quick access to breaking news in the insurance industry. Twitter is an effective way to connect with InsurTech influencers. You can ask questions and engage in the latest InsurTech conversations.

1. Mike Connor (@MikeatSpice)

Mike Connor is the CEO and co-founder of the Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator, which aims to connect insurance leaders to drive innovation through technology. He regularly shares information about upcoming InsurTech events (including online webinars).

2. Rob Galbraith (@robgalb)

Rob Galbraith is the author of the bestselling book The End of Insurance as We Know It. The book looks at the effect of changing age demographics, InsurTech, and the rise of independent funding on the insurance industry. On his Twitter page, Rob shares the latest InsurTech news from a variety of sources.

3. Spiros Margaris (@SpirosMargaris)

Spiros Margaris is a venture capitalist who specializes in investing in the future of finance and insurance. He’s also a keynote speaker and sits on the board of directors for several FinTech companies.

4. Denise Garth (@denisegarth)

Denise Garth is the Senior Vice President for Strategic Marketing and Innovation at Majesco, an InsurTech solutions provider. She shares information from other InsurTech influencers as well as offers her insights.

Learn the Latest InsurTech Insights

InsurTech is rapidly changing the insurance industry. Stay aware of the latest InsurTech insights through podcasts, industry conferences, newsletters, and InsurTech influencers.

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