Meet Pathpoint: Digital E&S Insurance Wholesaler

Meet Pathpoint: Digital E&S Insurance Wholesaler

Meet Pathpoint: Digital E&S Insurance Wholesaler
Jun 1, 2020
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As an open, digital surplus lines brokerage, Pathpoint helps to lower transactional friction and increase productivity and revenue for retail agents.

Whether you’re an executive hoping to grow your agency’s profitability without compromising compliance or service, or a CSR spending too much time on small or medium sized risks, Outline can help you deliver better, more affordable insurance to your clients. Submitting your risks through Pathpoint allows you to receive quotes from multiple E&S carriers at once, and bind quickly and easily with all forms delivered through the platform into your Outline user account.

Pathpoint focuses on helping you with your small commercial clients with a national footprint and strong presence in CA, FL, TX, IL, and NY. Core products include General Liability, Cyber, and Property. We work with markets to bring competitive appetite covering main street, retail, wholesale, food services, offices, and professional services to your fingertips.

E&S carriers benefit from Pathpoint as well. Our digital brokerage platform delivers a new distribution channel that empowers carriers with better data — both structured risk attributes (rather than emails with PDF attachments) and also distribution insights — allowing them to better understand the demand for their products, and more effectively manage their appetite. Our centralized system enables healthier compliance at every step of the placement, binding and adjustment process. Pathpoint improves the value and efficiency of the delivery chain, all while charging lower gross commissions than traditional wholesale brokerages.

While Pathpoint is a technology-driven distribution channel, we are practitioners of high quality service. You’ll always be just a phone call or email away from our team of surplus lines agents who possess deep knowledge of the product and have a passion for improving how insurance is bought and sold.

Pathpoint is a complementary, no-downside solution, helping retail agents work smarter, not harder, and giving E&S carriers greater reach and efficiency for their products. Schedule your demo today, and learn how Pathpoint can make life better for you and your team!

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