My Coworker's Desks

My Coworker's Desks

My Coworker's Desks
Meredith Grubb
Jul 14, 2020
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Maybe it’s just being inside all day, every day, for months, but I find myself moving my furniture around almost every week. If I can’t be in a new place, at least my chair can be. I’m very aware that my coworkers can see this constant rotation of framed prints, plants, chairs, tables, and lamps in my Zoom backdrop.

Part of this newfound enthusiasm for redecorating comes from seeing my coworker’s homes through Zoom every day. Working from home gives us more insight into to who our coworkers are as people; their pets, their family, their roommates, and their sense of interior design.

Zoom, however, only shows half of the story. The things we see in Zoom backgrounds are the things our coworkers do not look at all day. As the months in quarantine go by, I find myself wondering a question that would not exist if we were all in the office: What do my coworker’s desks look like?

I finally sent a Slack message asking this question, and am so glad that I did. Below are some of my learnings about the coworkers who indulged my curiosity and sent me a photo.

If you’re curious about what the home desks of an Insurtech company look like, want some inspiration on what to add to your own desk, or if your inner anthropologist has been feeling neglected, keep scrolling to check out what I learned.

(Don’t worry, everyone who sent a photo in knows that I’m writing this blog post)

Desk with skis next to it

Graham, a software engineer, is ready to hit the ski slopes at any time, despite the fact that it’s July and he lives in San Francisco

Desk decorated with a flyer for a circus

Our COO, Alex, has a beautiful vintage desk that was his grandfather’s

Desk with model airplanes

Ben, who works with our insurance carrier partners, has some airplane enthusiast desk mates.

Desk with funny picture next to it

Dan, on the Partner Enablement team, has a fantastic portrait of his dog Luna (she also likes to come chat with the team during meetings)

Standing desk

CEO Bobby keeps an even balance between having his desk in sitting mode and standing mode.

Desk with art decoration and sticky notes

Since I couldn’t ask others to share their desks and not share mine, here it is. My print is by a local Oakland artist, and my post-it wall is ever growing.

I highly recommend indulging in your curiosity and asking people to share about their desks-we spend so much of our lives sitting at these desks, and after months sitting in these same seats, everyone has their setup perfected.

If you’re interested in having coworkers who are willing to share pictures of their (really cool) desks, check out our jobs page. We’re hiring!

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