Product Release Summary

Product Release Summary

Product Release Summary
Aug 2, 2022
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In 2018, Pathpoint was founded to tackle a problem that no one else in the industry was actively aiming to resolve - how to streamline small commercial E&S. Other companies were tackling a similar problem for admitted markets, but non-admitted seemed to be too much of a gray area.

Here is where Pathpoint saw an opportunity. By taking on the challenge of building technology to address the $52 billion surplus lines market that would reduce quoting from days or weeks to just minutes, enable agents to ditch the tedious process of filling out ACORD forms and provide access to accounts 24/7, Pathpoint has quickly grown to be the outstanding leader in providing a stellar agent experience by making E&S placement fast and easy.

A finalist in the 2022 Business Insurance “Wholesale Broker of the Year” award, Pathpoint has achieved more than 5X growth over the last year alone. And, we’re just getting started. Here is a summary of the product releases and enhancements we’ve rolled out over the last few months:



  • Improved new registered user onboarding & engagement
  • Expansion into 46 Contractor General Liability classes with Markel



  • Pagination for submissions on the dashboard released (improves experience waiting for submissions to load on the dashboard)
  • API partner protection enhancements (assists with our digital integrations with Bold Penguin and Tarmika)
  • In-app endorsements request form released


  • Expansion from 14 to 46 states for General Liability with Nautilus
  • Pathpoint Supplemental is released
  • Added property enhancement as an endorsement option to Package restaurants risks
  • Moved all subjectivities to pre-bind request (some, such as ACORDS, were pre-issuance and added an additional step to the binding process)


  • Cross-sale of excess liability on Pathpoint’s Contractor’s General Liability is released with Nautilus
  • Markel integration for Vacant land class codes released (Pathpoint now has four P&C binding carriers on the platform)
  • Update to the design system and our app on how form field validation occurs


  • Updated Restaurants flow to collect alcohol and food sales (no longer a followup email)
  • Enhancements to the review and submission page to display checkbox responses
  • Tarmika integration (Contractors released)
  • ACORDS pre-fill feature and e-signing released


  • Bold Penguin integration released (LRO, Vacants General Liability, followed by Contractors)
  • Nautilus integration & initial release of 77 Contractors class codes (released on a rolling basis through April)
  • Tarmika integration launched (LRO General Liability first)
  • Improvements to the Exposures page in the submission flow
  • Improved loading state experience in the app


  • Launch of Restaurants segment
  • Launch of the Monoline Property segment


  • New user registration page for users that don’t have a submission ready to submit



  • Agents can upload completed ACORDS to pre-fill submissions


  • Improved collection and calculation of contractors owner payroll/percentage of operations


  • Enhancement to support adding multiple occupancy types on LRO submissions
  • Forty-five additional Contractors class codes with Crum & Forster began releasing on a rolling basis (completed in November 2021)
  • Subjectivities enhancements to improve accuracy of required subjectivities needed to request to bind
  • Downloadable PDF ACORD generation


  • Self-service activation (agents can signup and quote without requiring assistance from Pathpoint support team)


  • Package and Monoline General Liability Vacants Products are released


  • Package and Monoline General Liability LRO released

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