Speed and Insurance?

Speed and Insurance?

Speed and Insurance?
May 12, 2021
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Ask the average person what one word they associate with insurance. How many people do you think you’ll have to ask before the word “speed” comes up? Pathpoint is trying to change that.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings us innovations in technology and the way we interface with machines. But, what does that mean for insurance? How does insurance put technological innovation to work for its agents, brokers, and insureds?

Excess and surplus lines business

Your client’s risk doesn’t go away just because you’re waiting for a call to be returned or an email to be answered. In excess and surplus lines, speed in getting coverage can mean the difference between a big claim … and a big loss. Losses happen fast in contractors’ General Liability, Lessors’ Risk Only (LRO), and Cyber Liability.

Insurance should happen fast too.

That speed can mean a lot to your client’s peace of mind, and yours.

In insurance, speed matters more now than ever. Clients see speed in other industries: next-day package deliveries, buying a car, grocery shopping. Now, they want to see speed in insurance too. They want instant quotes, instant binding, policy dec pages they can print and show moments later.

So, why do we still see complexity, lack of transparency, and excuses in the non-admitted insurance market

Pathpoint’s solution

With Pathpoint’s software + personnel approach, you get world-class technology AND superior service. That helps you generate quotes and bind on the spot. You can provide official policy documentation. It’s tech provided by humans who genuinely care about quick, enthusiastic service that makes non-admitted insurance easier to navigate.

 Pathpoint offers one point of submission that connects you to multiple top-rated non-admitted carriers. Answer our short list of underwriting questions and receive multiple quotes in one place, minutes later.

With Pathpoint, you can go from submission to a bindable quote in just five minutes or less. We have document ingestion tools that save you keystrokes, and we streamline all your communications and documents into one place, so you know where to find them.


With Pathpoint’s tech, insurance and speed can live in the same sentence. With instant quotes, you can help your clients manage their risk much faster than ever before.

And, it doesn’t mean leaving your desire to work with real people behind. Pathpoint offers the latest in technology and the best in customer service. Let us make non-admitted insurance easier for you.

Stay one step ahead with our tech.

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