Talk to us: Live chat with Pathpoint

Talk to us: Live chat with Pathpoint

Talk to us: Live chat with Pathpoint
Meredith Grubb
Aug 3, 2021
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When you have a question, we are ready to answer it! Use our live chat feature to communicate with our underwriting team and ask any questions you have about your application, appetite, or anything else.

At Pathpoint, our priority is to be the fastest solution for agents to get E&S coverage for their clients. 

We do this in a variety of ways, but one of them is through quick service. With our live chat feature, we can get you answers faster than through email and in the context of an account you’re working on in Pathpoint (although records of the chat are sent to your email as well!).

Live chat is important to us because we want to help you get quotes quickly and easily. We hope that our platform is simple to understand, but know that sometimes there’s an off case where you need to ask a question, so we are always there to answer. 

What kinds of questions can you ask?

  • Appetite questions
  • Questions on how to use Pathpoint
  • Questions on where something is
  • Letting us know when you need to have an quote in hand for a client if the quote refers
  • Anything else that comes up!

During East and West coast hours we always have someone with an eye on the chat, so you’ll get an answer as fast as possible (but if it’s a particularly busy day it might be a few minutes -- we’re human too!). 

Simply click on this icon, in the bottom right of every page, and can chat with us.


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We look forward to seeing all your questions!

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