Who Is Pathpoint?

Who Is Pathpoint?

Who Is Pathpoint?
Jun 9, 2020
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The story of Pathpoint starts in 2017, when three entrepreneurs started the company in San Francisco, with the mission of building software that would streamline and automate the process of procuring surplus lines coverage. Our goal was (and still is) to reduce the costs (time, effort, errors, commission) associated with the placement process — particularly when it comes to small commercial account placements. While our growing team today has mixed professional backgrounds, who we are as a company has, and always will be, the same: a group of individuals working together to ensure that the E&S industry will continue to thrive and deliver exceptional service to the market.

Aside from hiring great, experienced employees, Pathpoint strives to deliver a transparent, digital surplus lines brokerage operation that uses a centralized platform to manage all the associated data. Our licensed surplus lines experts help you at the margin, and our platform handles the rest of the small commercial submissions straight-through.

From Day 1, we’ve always prioritized becoming a destination for great E&S products. We’ve accomplished this by focusing on securing the support of leading E&S carriers first, before building our distribution network. To ensure that underwriters and underwriting organizations love our platform, we’ve spent 2+ years meeting and learning from carriers in the U.S. and London marketplaces, as well as running hundreds of test submissions through the platform. After establishing our initial group of carriers, and growing the insurance expertise on our team, we’ve built out more of the servicing and operations required to run a brokerage.

Again, while we are learning everyday and are still early in our journey, we haven’t changed our focus from the beginning — delivering the best surplus lines placement experience in the market!

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