Why Cyber Insurance is Important for Every Business

Why Cyber Insurance is Important for Every Business

Why Cyber Insurance is Important for Every Business
Jun 23, 2020
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Cybercrime continues its relentless growth in frequency, severity, and sophistication. It is agnostic as to size and class of business, and industry, ruthlessly earning its spot as one of the top concerns to businesses big and small.

Cyber incidents run the gamut, from ransomware which frequently spawns business interruption loss, to malware, viruses, and the loss of valuable work. Cyber incidents also include data breaches that compromise the sensitive information your customers and employees trust you with and count on you to protect. No small feat, given the ever-changing nature of cybercrime and increasingly sophisticated hackers who exploit new vulnerabilities at a brisk pace.

So how are you defending your company? And what happens when a hacker breaches your defenses?

Pathpoint is excited to be partnering with At-Bay to help people answer these questions.

At-Bay offers not just cyber insurance, but a packaged solution to manage your digital risk: they help identify vulnerabilities to protect you against the ever-changing threat landscape, and cover you if the worst does happen, and your company’s defenses are breached.

Insurance agents who join Pathpoint proprietary digital wholesale brokerage can quote At-Bay’s cybersecurity insurance product in less than 5 minutes. In no time at all, insurance agents can help protect the end insured against risk-twice over. Our agents get access to additional resources, like At-Bay’s security report and data breach cost calculator, to include alongside a bindable quote. Pathpoint is excited to provide access for agents to At-Bay’s cyber insurance, helping to create better outcomes for the end insured.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Pathpoint to distribute our Cyber product. With digital trading more important than ever, Pathpoint's platform and value proposition fit perfectly with our vision for the future of insurance distribution and continuous risk management. Pathpoint creates better outcomes for our insureds by streamlining placement and allowing agents to focus on cybersecurity and coverage instead of tedious paperwork.”

— Duncan Crystal, Partnerships, At-Bay

The Pathpoint — At-Bay partnership makes it that much easier to protect your clients against risks not just in the physical world, but in the cyber realm as well. By joining the Pathpoint platform, agents are able to access products from the many carriers Pathpoint partners with, At-Bay included.

Not all products available in every state -- May only be accessed through a licensed surplus line broker -- Information regarding applicable insurers available upon request.

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