Why I Picked Insurance

Why I Picked Insurance

Why I Picked Insurance
Greg Parker
Nov 9, 2020
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There were a lot of options: this is why I picked insurance and why the journey has been so good.

Before joining Pathpoint, I spent several years in finance and e-commerce. The decision to make a change in my career was one that was one that required deep thinking and personal self-reflection.Ultimately, after a lot of great meetings and conversations, I couldn’t turndown the prospect of being part of a well commanded and innovative company working to build a solution to make complex commercial E&S business more user friendly. Now that the last 15 months have flown by, I am able to sit up and put pen to paper on what has truly excited me about being part of the insurance industry – some of it expected and some of it a pleasant surprise.It’s been a pleasure and an honor to be a part of Pathpoint’s mission, and that has led me to be a part of a massive and evolving global industry.

In addition to being part of an incredible company innovating within the specialty insurance market, there are three factors that have made my experience in insurance so positive:

1. It’s Complex

Complexity provides opportunity, but when I first jumped headlong into insurance, I didn’t know how deep the rabbit hole went. You cannot master insurance overnight and once in it will be a lifelong journey of learning. 

Specific classes of business and verticals themselves warrant deep study and create volumes of rules for insurance underwriters. When you’re in insurance you need to truly understand the core of the businesses and risks, you’re insuring. Add to this depth the fact that every large-scale global event affects the insurance market, and you realize that insurance is both an art and a science. 

2020has been especially interesting for the insurance markets. With the pandemic and global warming, you’re seeing another element to the complexity: the landscape is always shifting. Things that were once basic, easy to place risks have been thrown into the E&S market with these events. Never a dull day and there are always factors to watch! The deeply nuanced and ever-changing landscape is one that I have loved from the start, because it makes you think, problem solve and continue to learn on the job and get better.

2. The Mission is Important

Insurance is an industry that sometimes has received a tough rap. You pay into a system where you may or may not receive back. However, at its heart, insurance is a system that manages risk to PROTECT people and the businesses and assets they have worked so hard to build. No business or person has ever gone out of business from making insurance payments, but they have from disaster scenarios that weren’t covered.The insurance companies provide the ability for a business owner or citizen to sleep better at night knowing they are protected. 

The industry also goes past just writing policies, and will proactively provide risk management techniques, such as best practices for cybersecurity or property protection to help insureds lower their chances of a catastrophic loss. While some of these efforts are under the radar or unrecognized, this industry is critical for maintaining a healthy and prospering global economy


3. The People are the Best

The biggest surprise for me has been the people. Simply put, the people I’ve met within insurance are some of the most hard-working, welcoming and passionate people I’ve ever met.From day one, industry experts and newbies alike have taken time out of theirEXTREMELY busy professional lives to educate, engage and direct an outsider.They clearly love the industry and also want to discuss what is new(Pathpoint!) or trends. 

One of my favorite memories was attending the Big I Convention in New Orleans earlier this year. I went in cold, not having met anyone prior to the event, and I left with a ton of great new friends. On the first day of the conference I spent hours into the night talking insurance with state independent agent heads, agency heads, tech CTO’s and industry newbies. All of that over a delicious New Orleans seafood dinner.By the end of the weekend I was hearing “Hey have you met so and so?” every hour. The energy was contagious! I look forward to the passing of this tough pandemic era so I can hit the road again and spend time with my new contacts in person once more.


In summary, the last 15 months have been some of the best of my life and I know I am still getting started. A huge thank you to everyone who has become a friend and colleague through this journey to date. I’m truly excited for how Pathpoint will change the industry and for the new insurance friends I will meet along the way!

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