Cyber Insurance in 2 minutes

Pathpoint offers retail agents a new way to get cyber quotes. 

In under 2 minutes, agents are able to get multiple quotes on any cyber account, by answering just 9 underwriting questions. 99% of submissions produce up to 5 quotes from the world’s leading cyber carriers.

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Save time with Pathpoint

2 minutes from start to quote

We know that in today’s day and age, cyber is an essential coverage for all types of businesses, and agents are looking for ways to easily add cyber quotes to their proposals for clients, with annual premiums as low as $545.

With Pathpoint,

  • Generate multiple Cyber quotes with just 9 underwriting questions. 

  • Access best-in-class international carriers, including surplus lines markets that aren’t traditionally accessible to retailers.

Eligible Small Businesses

Over 99% of submissions that fit these criteria quoted

Up to $3m limits
Any small business in the domestic United States except cryptocurrency, adult entertainment, gambling
Binding authority up to $3m in receipts
Cannabis based businesses that do not “touch the plant”

Recent Cyber Wins

Class of Business



Consulting/Services - Healthcare Technology


Consulting/Services - Management Consultant


Computer System Design Services


Consulting/Services - Multimedia Company


All other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services


Employment Placement Agency


"We have been placing more and more Commercial General Liability insurance with Pathpoint since they launched in late 2020, and we can't imagine going back to how we used to access E&S quotes. Their new platform update addresses a big need for us – selling Cyber, which is a benefit to our clients and helps deepen our relationships with them. Pathpoint’s update will allow us to do just that, and in a way that isn't cumbersome for an already complex and hard to understand product."

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Educate Your Small Business Clients

Resources to download for you to help educate clients on their risk

We’ve removed our branding from these documents, and encourage you to use them to help share with your clients why they should consider cyber insurance an essential part of being fully covered!

Common Cyber Claims Scenarios

Get multiple Cyber quotes in less than 2 minutes