General Liability

With annual premiums as low as $495 and multiple E&S carriers quoting your business, Pathpoint’s single point of submission should be your only stop for General Liability quotes.

Not only this, but Pathpoint appointed agents can get non-admitted quotes in a matter of minutes.

General Liability at Pathpoint

Get a quote to your clients in a matter of minutes

With broad appetite for over 200 classes of business, and a single point of submission, getting GL coverage for your clients has never been easier. 

Our goal is to get you a quote (or a no) as quickly as possible.

Recent General Liability Wins

Class of Business



Candle Manufacturer


Lessor's Risk - Single-Family Home


Meat Delivery


Janitorial Services - Commercial Power Washing


Artisan - Remodeling Contractor


Contractors – Subcontracted Work


Artisan - Remodeling Contractor


Artisan - Residential Roofer


Our specialty offerings currently include


Our new Quick Flow for Contractors contains just 9 underwriting questions for the following classes:

  • Air Conditioning, Heating, & HVAC (ISO 91111)
  • Carpentry (including interior) (ISO 91341, 91342,)
  • Concrete Construction (ISO 91560)
  • Excavation (ISO 94007)
  • Handyman (ISO 95625)
  • Janitorial Services (ISO 96816)
  • Landscaping (Lawn Care) (ISO 95410)
  • Machinery or Equipment (ISO 97223)
  • Plumbing (residential and commercial) (ISO 98482, 98483)
  • Remodeling (ISO 91300)
  • Roofing (residential and commercial) (ISO 98677, 98678)
  • Waterproofing (ISO 99952)
  • Wrecking buildings or structures (ISO 99986)

More Coming Soon!

Including: General Liability + Property, Lessor's Risk Only and more!

Eligible Small Businesses

We proudly partner with several of the top leading E&S markets to provide access to best in class coverage for small businesses. Multiple quotes at your fingertips.

Annual revenues up to $3M
Located in the domestic United States
Binding authority up to $3m in receipts
Less than 100 employees

Get GL quotes in minutes