Contractor quotes in 5 minutes

By answering just 20 underwriting questions, receive up to 3 immediately bindable quotes from industry leading carriers, with annual premiums as low as $495. 

Pathpoint’s single point of submission Quick Flow should be your only stop for Contractors quotes.

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Experience Faster Quoting with Contractors Quick Flow

Agents working with contractors often have to make several submissions, fill out several different ACORDs and supplementals, and email many different wholesalers or MGAs. There’s little visibility and transactions are rarely efficient. 

Our new Contractors Quick Flow provides a solution to all of these problems:

  • From start to quote, it takes agents on average 5 minutes to complete 20 underwriting questions

  • Add multiple class codes to one submission, so you can do more with less input, because sometimes the Carpenter is also a Handyman

  • You can now Classify Operations and Sales by Location for multiple locations, without having to consult an underwriter

Target Classes

The following classes generate a quote in 5 minutes 75% of the time:

  • Air Conditioning, Heating, & HVAC (ISO 91111)
  • Carpentry (including interior) (ISO 91341, 91342,)
  • Concrete Construction (ISO 91560)
  • Excavation (ISO 94007)
  • Handyman (ISO 95625)
  • Janitorial Services (ISO 96816)
  • Landscaping (Lawn Care) (ISO 95410)
  • Machinery or Equipment (ISO 97223)
  • Plumbing (residential and commercial) (ISO 98482, 98483)
  • Remodeling (ISO 91300)
  • Roofing (residential and commercial) (ISO 98677, 98678)
  • Waterproofing (ISO 99952)
  • Wrecking buildings or structures (ISO 99986)

"The new Contractor rater is so easy it doesn't make sense to quote it any other way."

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