Lessor's Risk Only coverage for public or private parking. Open air or covered, and for shopping centers. Quote instantly on a monoline GL basis or packaged with Property. Cyber coverage also available.

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General Liability

Risk Appetite


Autoquote up to $2.5M TIV


Ability to request either monoline GL or package with Property


Up to 25,000 square feet


Deductibles as low as 1%


Up to 3 stories


Wind coverage for coastal property

Experience Instant Quoting for LRO

Agents helping to insure landlords often have to make several submissions, fill out several different ACORDs and supplementals, and email many different wholesalers or MGAs. There’s little visibility and transactions are rarely efficient.

Pathpoint's solution solves all of these problems, and more.

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Target segments

  • Public - not open air (46603)
  • Public - open air (46604)

  • Public - shopping centers maintained by the lessee (46606)
  • Public - shopping centers maintained by the insured (46607)
  • Private (46622)