PathPay: First-of-its-kind digital payment experience for E&S insurance

By Pathpoint


Pathpoint is the first in the E&S industry to offer a 100% digital payment method. PathPay is a digital payment experience for E&S insurance. Agencies can choose PathPay Insured or PathPay Agency to manage their billing through our online invoicing and payment process. Every agent using Pathpoint will need to set up a PathPay account to handle billing.

Why PathPay?

  • PathPay streamlines payment processing, shortening the time from bind request to policy issuance.
  • PathPay offers transparency in the billing process with real-time payment tracking.‍
  • Pathpoint modernizes E&S placement with PathPay–a digital payment experience that’s faster and easier than traditional agency bill processes.

PathPay Insured (where the Insured pays directly) reduces the financial risk for agencies because we don’t bind an account until we receive your client’s payment. With PathPay Agency (where the agency collects the premiums and remits to Pathpoint), agencies benefit from payment status updates when paying PathPoint, which helps with account reconciliation.

See how PathPay compares to traditional E&S payment processes

PathPay Insured

PathPay Insured offers multiple benefits to agencies:

  • Reduced Financial Risk: We don’t bind an account until we receive client payment. Your Agency won’t be responsible for the Minimum Earned Premium if the Insured fails to make payment on the account.
  • Automatic Commissions: Receive your commission when the Insured pays their invoice and opt to receive weekly or monthly commissions.
  • Transparent Reporting: Access a dashboard to view invoice status and commission payout.
  • Streamlined Client Experience: Offer a seamless, consistent, and transparent payment process that your clients expect and appreciate.

PathPay Agency

PathPay Agency offers an enhanced experience to the typical agency bill process:

  • Payment Tracking: Keep track of the status of your premium payments to Pathpoint for easier reconciliation.
  • Digital Payments: We make paying via credit card, wireless transfers, or ACH easy.

PathPay Benefits

Whichever PathPay option you choose, you can rest assured that you’re processing payments using a fast, safe, and reliable system.

  • Less paperwork: Say goodbye to manual admin tasks. We handle the payment processing that an agency normally has with a wholesale broker.
  • Transparent reporting: Access a dashboard to track payment status in real time. Offer a simple, easy, and seamless payment process to maintain high-quality client service.
  • Easy setup: Set up your account with a few simple steps.

Setting Up PathPay

PathPay simplifies the payment process for E&S insurance.  When you register your Pathpoint account, you should choose PathPay Insured or PathPay Agency immediately. Selecting your PathPay option will allow you to bind your accounts ASAP. For step-by-step directions, visit our Help Center or review our PathPay Setup Guide.

You can also utilize our online live chat or contact your Account Manager.

Pathpoint Account Manager Map 2024

  • Matt Schamble, Northeast
  • Dan CoakleySoutheast
  • Jayne Respeliers, Central & Midsouth
  • Emily Stones, Midwest
  • Zack Sutika, Texas
  • Liz Dresher, CA/HI
  • Tommy Tyrrell