Excess general liability for small commercial

Excess Casualty

Secure quotes for excess casualty insurance that are customized for your contractors and lessor's risk accounts

  • Contractors General Liability


    General Liability limits up to $1M/$2M

    Excess Liability up to $5M

    Contractors Tools and Equipment limits up to $5k- $10k

    Annual revenues up to $5M

    Up to $5M per-project aggregate

    Residential and commercial work

    Up to 100% subcontracted work

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  • Lessor's Risk packages

    Lessor's Risk

    General Liability limits up to $1M/$2M

    Excess Liability up to $5M

    Property up to $3.3M TIV per location/$5.6M TIV per policy

    Business Personal Property up to $5k

    Wind deductibles as low as 2%

    Mix and Match Quoting Feature

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Coverage Features

  • Limits $1M to $5M

  • Coverage written over any carrier rated A or better (including Lloyds’ syndicates)

  • Flexible terms up to 1 year

  • Artisan, handypersons, and general contractors

  • 1-4 family dwellings (LRO)

  • Apartments (LRO)

  • Buildings or Premises - not-for-profit and for profit (LRO)

  • Shopping Centers (LRO)

  • Warehouses (LRO)


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