Speed is our superpower

We know getting back to your clients with quotes as quickly as possible is important to you, which is why we focus so much on speed and efficiency. Here’s how Pathpoint is doing in getting you the responses you need.


median time to submit


live chat response time


average referral time**

**Reflects when 90% of agents can expect to hear back from underwriting about the next steps for their submission.

Median time
to submit

The average time from when an application is initiated on the website to when it is submitted.

Average referral times

The average time it takes for an application to receive an initial response from underwriting on the next steps of the submission process when not instantly quoted. Agents will either receive a quote, a declination, or a request for more information.

Time to submit by vertical

Average minutes elapsed between starting and submitting applications, categorized by vertical.

What our users have to say

Agents and CSRs like you use Pathpoint to improve productivity and their profits. Here’s what some of our users had to say about using Pathpoint.

James Jenkins

James Jenkins

CEO of RiskWell

“Pathpoint saved my agency and myself a lot of time, so instead of spending hours, I’m now spending minutes. I’m able to do more quotes and sell more policies. It’s a simple process to quote and I’m able to help my clients, and it’s a win-win.”

Hassan Berro

Prince Insurance

“It is so convenient to be able to just enter information in to become an ACORD and digitally sign all the documents. When you can’t do an account, I’m able to take those ACORDs and bring them to my other wholesalers, and it really saves me a lot of time.”

Anthony Garibay

Farmers Agent

“When I started doing quotes I could get prices really quick, cover things like roofers and welders - things that other companies couldn’t do - and that’s been a big help. If you’re not using Pathpoint, you’re doing a disservice to some of the customers because you’re going to get prospects who are going to need service quickly.”

Greg Gay

Goyo Taxes, Insurance y Mas

" I love Pathpoint's system! It is so easy to work with. Especially with uploading ACORD forms, I can literally quote in 3 minutes."

Tova Shulman

The Wilhelm Agency

"We started working with Pathpoint a few months ago and their system is super easy to use, very intuitive. The underwriting department has been very quick to response when it has to be referred and the rates have been great."

Susan Ariza

The Cooper Agency

"That is what I love about your platform. It is quick, easy, and I get immediate results."

Donna Wasserman

Marketing Placement Specialist, Renaissance Alliance