Pathpoint Appetite Guides: What You Need to Know

By Pathpoint


Pathpoint helps insurance agents quickly find the best E&S coverage for their small commercial clients. Our robust technology platform gives you the ability to quote and bind available coverage and issue policies in one place.

Behind the technology is a responsive and enthusiastic team of people excited to simplify buying insurance for everyone. Get instant quotes in these areas:


Receive multiple, bindable general liability quotes from industry-leading carriers in as little as seven minutes with annual premiums as low as $495.

Download the Contractors Appetite Guide.

Excess Liability

Add up to $5M excess coverage to a contractor’s general liability and a variety of lessor's risk accounts.

Download the Excess Appetite Guide.

Lessor's Risk Only

We offer coverage for buildings, premises, retail, habitational, and shopping centers. We also accept wind-exposed coastal properties and hard-to-write risks, including short-term rentals and tenants with cannabis operations.‍‍

Download the LRO Appetite Guide.

Download the LRO for Cannabis Appetite Guide.


Vacant policies can provide property owners peace of mind while their building or land is vacant. Flexible policy terms are available.

Download the Vacants Appetite Guide.


Restaurant liability and property coverage can give restaurant owners a sense of security. Quickly find coverage for your restaurant, bar, and tavern clients. Liquor liability is currently not offered.

Download the Restaurants Appetite Guide.‍


Even small to mid-sized businesses need cyber insurance in our interconnected world. Quote cyber for all of your small businesses with Pathpoint.

Download the Cyber Liability Appetite Guide.

Monoline Property

Monoline property coverage may be needed when a certain type of coverage is excluded because of location, property age, or other factors. Get a quote for your client today.

Download the Monoline Property Appetite Guide.


Obtain general liability for your manufacturing accounts, including home-based businesses, importers, and commercial storefronts.

Download the Manufacturing Appetite Guide.

Retail & Services

Obtain general liability and inland marine for your everyday small business operations.

Download the Retail & Services Guide.