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CEO Message: A Look Back at 2023

By Alex Bargmann


For months, I’ve been excited to share this update.

I’m incredibly proud of what Pathpoint accomplished in 2023. Our goal this year was to take Pathpoint national. And we did.

Pathpoint appointed over 11,000 new agents in 2023. In doing that, we increased the monthly gross written premium by over 600% YoY. Most importantly, we’re positioned to continue this growth in 2024. With a national presence, we will now focus on new product and new technology to streamline further the placement and servicing of small commercial E&S business.

With 20% of commercial insurance premiums now written in the E&S market (Song & Schier, 2023), a highly connected, easy-to-use, efficient wholesale platform like Pathpoint is more critical than ever. And our clients won’t let us forget the urgency by which they want to see change.

At Pathpoint, we believe that speed and quality are everything. We are the first mover in digitizing E&S and take pride in setting the pace. That is more than just an ethos — we work hard and want to earn the title of the fastest and easiest way to place and service E&S insurance. A destination for every agent and broker in the country to seamlessly access the best E&S carriers and underwriting solutions. I’m excited to share more about what we have planned in 2024, but today, I want to share a few highlights of 2023.


  1. Onboarded, on average, 32 new agents every day.
  2. Partnered with 15 new networks on a national level. We brought the speed and efficiency of Pathpoint to thousands of agents through new, national-level partnerships. This expansion is in addition to the 17 networks we partnered with in 2022.
  3. Expanded our reach from coast to coast. Increased appetite and markets across the U.S. commanded better support for our agents. We added five new team members to distribution, including three new regionally focused account managers. This enables us to better serve agents for coverage nuances that exist in certain regions.

Products + Appetite

  1. Released to production 1,632 times (4.4 times a day): that’s a lot of improvement.
  2. Expanded commercial property: We increased TIV limits to $5M and expanded coastal coverage, namely the ability to provide property in hard-to-write states like California and Louisiana and wind in Florida. We achieved this by expanding existing markets and adding Vave as a new carrier.
  3. Added to the Contractors vertical: We continued working towards our goal to be the one-stop shop for all contractors and doubled monthly submissions. Some additions we made included inland marine coverage, extensive expansions to quoting within existing classes, two new markets for remodelers, and 14 new excess liability classes for subcontractors, remodelers, roofers, and more.
  4. Increased quoting and appetite for lessor’s risk: Answering agent demand for expanded lessor's risk only (LRO), we improved the submission flow, added Markel as an additional market, and introduced vacation rentals as a class. In addition, agents can now quote general liability, property, and package for cannabis exposures. Lessor's risk is now the largest vertical at Pathpoint. These improvements were really important as more and more admitted carriers pulled back in certain states on commercial LRO.
  5. Launched manufacturing as a new vertical: Starting with cosmetics manufacturing in November, we quickly added candles and leather (including artificial leather goods) in December.

Process Streamlining

  1. Introduced PathPay: Rolling out PathPay meant we 100% digitized payment processing and improved billing and payments within a single platform. Agents can also now choose from PathPay Insured, where the insured pays premiums to Pathpoint directly, or PathPay Agency, where the agent pays Pathpoint on behalf of the insured.
  2. Increased quotability: Agents can now mix and match quotes from multiple carriers on different lines of business. Standalone general liability, property, and package quotes are available on lessor’s risk only and restaurants. This feature provides agents the ability to customize quotes for insureds and get more quotes, period.

    At Pathpoint, we practice what we preach. As a company whose mission is around efficiency, we continued to evaluate and implement the internal processes that enabled us to grow as a team. To address any service delays, we added 19 new team members. From go-to-market to engineering and everything in between, we expanded our team to deliver a best-in-class E&S experience faster. Second, we removed blockers and productivity detractors and introduced time-saving automation wherever possible, including implementing new software to track efficiency. An internal team with streamlined processes produces a better client-facing experience, and we will continue to reevaluate our operations to ensure we are providing the best E&S experience. At Pathpoint, we’re all driven by one collective mission: to modernize the E&S market, a now critical piece of infrastructure for risk transfer in the United States, and we are just getting started.

Song, K. S., & Schier, T. (2023, September 12). E&S growth will outpace market in commercial lines for years to come: AM Best. Insurance Insider. Retrieved December 20, 2023, from here