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Four Contractors Coverages Explained

By Pathpoint


Additional Insured Endorsement

Extends coverage of a policy to a person or organization. Blanket additional insured coverage automatically adds any party that the covered insured is contracted with. Clients seek additional insured status so they may file a claim if sued related to the primary insured's activities.

Waiver of Subrogation

After paying a claim, insurance companies will recuperate payment from the responsible party of a loss, known as subrogation. With a waiver of subrogation, you surrender the right of subrogation for a loss. Clients may request this language added to avoid paying for potential losses

Primary & Non-Contributory Wording

Defines the insurance relationship between parties and grants additional rights to a third party. The primary portion breaks down where priority is given in the event of a claim. Non-contributory means your insurance will not seek contribution from the other parties' insurance in case of a claim. For instance, contractor vs. subcontractor. A client may request this to broaden their own protection for potential losses.

Completed Operations Additional Insured Endorsement

The Owners, Lessees, or Contractors Completed Operations form covers damage to property or injuries caused by the hired contractor. Faulty work and mistakes can cause damages well after a project is complete. This is a popular requested coverage as it protects all listed parties from potential future claims.

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