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Tis the Season... to Target Holiday Decorators

By Pathpoint


Yes, we know summer's still in full swing, and it may seem too early to even think about the holidays. Hallmark aside, most of us aren't ready for all that festive cheer just yet. But here's a little secret: now is the perfect time to start planning your Q4 business strategy. Hear us out, it will pay off. Picture this: holiday crafters showcasing their talents, mall Santas spreading joy, concession stands bustling with hungry customers, and those holiday decorators making everything sparkle. By reaching out to them early, you'll be steps ahead when autumn finally arrives. Here's a look at the opportunities to take advantage of early with holiday decorators and seasonal businesses-all of which you can quote with Pathpoint.

The Opportunity

Let's talk about holiday decorators. They know how to transform residential and commercial spaces into enchanting wonderlands, indoors and outdoors. From dazzling light installations to stylish interior decorations and even stunning landscaping, these contractors do it all. They specialize in the time-intensive labor that others are unable or unwilling to tackle. And even if they’re safety whizzes and experts in preventing those unfortunate mishaps that can turn cheer into chaos, they’re still going to need general liability coverage for their business - just in case. That’s where you come in to offer the right policy and peace of mind.

Enter Pathpoint

Here’s the thing, though: rating holiday decorators under the broad NAIS 561790 code might lead to higher premiums and miss out on key coverages. That code covers hundreds of different services after all. That's where Pathpoint comes in. We've got a special class code just for these specialized contractors: 90670 (Decorator – Outdoor or Indoor Displays – Commercial or Residential). Best of all, inland marine and a blanket additional insured can be added to your general liability. Coverage customized to their needs.

How to Write Holiday Business

All you need to do is login to your Pathpoint account, upload any ACORD forms, or enter the necessary information in our portal. Within minutes, you'll receive multiple quotes from different carriers to help you win these talented contractors. The buck doesn’t stop there. Prospect and quote your other holiday or winter contractors with Pathpoint including Chimney Sweeping, Tree Trimmers, Landscaping/Lawn Care, HVAC, and handypersons. With Pathpoint, you can be the go-to agent for all contractors.

So, if you're looking to target new business and get comprehensive quotes in no time, Pathpoint has got you covered. Get ready to finish the year strong and make this last quarter your best yet!


Happy Holiday Quoting!