Pathpoint Commercial Property Markets Expansion

By Pathpoint


Pathpoint is thrilled to announce that we've now added a new market that enhances the Monoline Property offering and enables agents to quote property with wind coverage instantly for their clients right up to the water across the U.S. Agents now also have the ability to add earthquake coverage to property, including parts of California, and with the exception of Oklahoma and Kansas.

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The new carrier, Vave, is an MGA and Lloyd’s Coverholder that underwrites surplus lines property using a purely algorithmic approach, combining science, data, and precision underwriting to insure high-volume risk. Pathpoint's technology makes Vave's offering the perfect way to offer instant quotes to agents for hard-to-write property.

The partnership unlocks:

  1. Wider appetite across catastrophe and non-catastrophe areas;
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  2. Increased opportunities for agents to quote across Package submissions.
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These enable agents to place more commercial property more efficiently.

Adding Vave to Pathpoint’s carrier roster expands agents’ opportunity to instantly quote submissions across hundreds of class codes, including all-new occupancies like hotels and distributors, in Pathpoint’s Monoline Property and Lessors’ Risk Only verticals. With the addition of Vave, Pathpoint has doubled its Total Insured Value (TIV) limit from $2.5 million to $5 million ($3 million on a per-location basis).

Pathpoint’s Commercial Property expansion directly addresses the market’s need for catastrophe capacity.

Additionally, agents can now more easily quote standalone GL and Monoline Property together to leverage this expanded property appetite. If an LRO Package is unavailable, standalone GL and Monoline Property instant quotes can be created and pre-filled with a simple click!

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