How to Get Clients for Your Insurance Business

By Charles Munyi


Clients are the lifeblood of your insurance business. To achieve your sales goals, you need to continually find new clients to add to your prospecting list.

In this highly competitive market, it’s important to develop an offline and online marketing strategy that you can follow on a regular basis. It’ll give you an edge to meet potential customers and increase your revenue.

Below are tips to help you get new clients for your insurance business. Which one will you try today?

10 Ways to Get Clients for Your Insurance Business

It’s never too early (or late) to think about getting your next client. Use these tips as guidance as you map out your strategy.‍

1. Prospect Daily 

Cold calling is one way to drum up business for your insurance practice. Start by researching your prospective customers to understand their interests. You can look through their social media profile or a company website to identify any mutual interests.

When cold calling, you’ll need to master the art of the hook. Your goal is to keep people on the phone for your entire pitch. Prepare a script and practice it repeatedly. Find new ways to engage your prospect through storytelling. You may also prepare responses to some of your clients’ frequently asked questions.

Rejection will happen, but increasing your call volume will improve your odds. Learning how to reposition your pitch to answer your prospect’s objections also will help your cold calling. Remember, every call is an opportunity to gain new customers.

2. Network in Your Offline and Online Communities

Start offline by attending any local rotary club, mastermind groups, meetups, and associations. Having a mix of communities to interact with ensures you’re not pitching to the same audience.

You may also want to explore online communities to reach prospective customers. Direct your efforts into communities like Reddit forums, Facebook groups, and Quora.

Showcase your professional brand on LinkedIn and position yourself as a trusted insurance partner through a network of industry players, thought leaders, and prospective clients. Ultimately, you want to be the go-to agent when someone in your community mentions insurance.

3. Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing helps expand your reach and improve your online visibility.  Start with search engine optimization. Insurance prospects will often use search phrases like “insurance agent near me.” So, you’ll want to optimize your online presence through Google My Business.

For effective digital marketing, you’ll need to know your target market. Are you targeting large enterprises or small businesses? Being specific about your market will attract high-quality leads.

Try experimenting with pay-per-click advertising to earn instant visibility in search results. Set your advertising budget and identify keywords to target. It might be helpful to create keywords for every insurance product you offer or use target location-specific ads.  

4. Build Partnerships to Earn Referrals

An effective way to get referrals is to build partnerships with your current clients. Create a referral bonus or rewards program that gifts your clients for sending new business your way.

You could insert a referral link in your email signature or create a landing page that specifies what the referral program entails. Tools like HelloReferrals can help you automate your referral program and integrate it with your CRM.

You can extend referrals through partnerships with industry professionals. These professionals may include a real estate agent, financial planner, mortgage broker, and business owner. The aim is to have them recommend your insurance business to their clients. 

5. Speak at Relevant Events

Speaking at online events, like webinars, conferences, or simply a Twitter space, is a good way to get new clients. During these speaking engagements, you can discuss policy coverage limits, common exclusions, bundling insurance policies, or the insurance claims process. This way, you’ll earn the trust of your listeners and position yourself as an industry expert. 

Offline events like chambers of commerce and charity events provide a platform to share your insurance expertise, too. Talk about how you can help assess your prospects’ coverage needs, the best insurance options, or how you can help with claims.

As you share more insights, you can expect your audience to reach out for guidance. Be sure to provide attendees at these events with your contact information including your business cards and website.

6. Sell Multiple Insurance Products

Insurance agents are often experts in a particular niche but expanding your expertise further creates the opportunity to sell multiple insurance products. That way, you can cross-sell your products to clients. For instance, you’re a commercial insurance expert who might expand into cyber liability.

Plus, your clients will enjoy the convenience of buying multiple insurance products under one roof. You’ll gain more business if an existing client needs more than one type of insurance. Your commercial insurance policyholder may bundle their commercial property and general liability policies for a lower cumulative premium.

7. Follow Up With Old Prospects

Warming up old prospects can help you rebuild relationships and convert them into clients.  Review your sales records and establish where you lost them in the sales process. Then, focus on regaining their trust, so that they are comfortable sharing their current pain points with you. 

Avoid being too salesy in the initial interaction. Instead, show a genuine interest in their insurance needs. You can ask them about their business and any ongoing challenges. It’s also a good time to inform them of any changes in your products and services.

When following up with old prospects, ask a lot of questions. The prospect may not need your products today, but each conversation is a chance to build a quality relationship.

8. Write & Promote Your Blog Posts

Improve your website with a blog featuring educational content for current and potential clients. Blogging can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in insurance.

Providing high-quality content on your blog will enhance your brand and build trust with clients. Write about topics people are likely to search for, offer solutions to customer problems, and provide relevant links to related content on your website. 

Alongside your content, include CTAs to generate leads and improve conversions. Also, broaden your reach by promoting your insurance blog through social media posts, sharing links in industry groups and forums, and optimizing search discovery through SEO.

9. Maintain Your Review Sites

Online reviews are crucial in attracting potential clients. They are as strong as referrals since most clients value social proof. Positive reviews enhance your reputation and build trust. Therefore, maintain a business page on review sites such as Google My Business where potential clients can learn about your service.

In addition, go the extra mile to provide feedback for both positive and negative reviews. Potential clients want to see how you respond to feedback. React quickly to negative reviews and elaborate on actions taken to solve complaints.

Finally, creatively use your review responses as a marketing tool. When addressing a customer complaint, you can highlight your strengths. For example, "We have been recognized for our excellent customer service. Sorry, we let you down this time."

10. Offer Incentives

Providing incentives is an effective tactic for bringing in new clients. You can attract new clients by offering incentives such as free eBooks or access to VIP webinars. 

Through your eBooks, showcase your expertise by providing deep insights and analysis on insurance matters. Demonstrating your expertise creates a good impression that generates client interest. 

Organize free webinars featuring industry experts to establish your brand as an authority. Explain the solutions you offer and answer questions from attendees in real-time. Moreover, you can allow access to the library of past webinars for potential clients.

Get Clients for Your Insurance Business

Find insurance leads for your business. There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy, so you’ll need to identify what works best for you based on your business and local market.