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2023 WSIA Annual Marketplace Guide- Part Three - Navigating WSIA

By Pathpoint


Navigating WSIA Marketplace: A First-Timer’s View from Two Pathpoint Associates

To gain a more comprehensive insight into the experience of newcomers at WSIA, we had the privilege of conducting interviews with two Pathpoint associates. These individuals will attend the upcoming WSIA Annual Marketplace event for the first time next week. Join us as we follow their journey before, during, and after the Marketplace event.

Meet the Associates

  • Hamza Amjad is the Head of Revenue Operations at Pathpoint, where he expertly integrates strategic operations and data analytics into the company's daily functions. With a strong finance, data science, and business background, Hamza joined Pathpoint in 2021 as a Data Analyst, bringing his fresh perspective and valuable insights to the insurance industry.
  • Brian Meyers has been a Senior Underwriting Operations Manager at Pathpoint since 2022. Before joining our team, he gained valuable experience in the wholesale sector, working directly with agents. During this time, he specialized in underwriting property and casualty accounts in the E&S insurance industry, establishing a solid foundation in the field.

This will be your first year attending WSIA's Annual Marketplace. What motivated you to attend this year?

  • Hamza: I don't come from an insurance background. Pathpoint has been the starting point for my journey in learning insurance - I'm motivated to attend WSIA to learn more about the industry and how we can collaborate with our partners to deliver value to all players in the value chain.
  • Brian: I've been in production since 2019 and have never had a chance to go. I look forward to seeing how WSIA adds value to me as an underwriter and to my company per our value proposition.

What are you most looking forward to at WSIA?

  • Hamza: I'm looking forward to meeting people, hearing many different perspectives on diverse topics that I'm not familiar with, and learning a ton as a result. If just one thing - it's going to be listening and learning.
  • Brian: Meeting industry people. With the geography of carriers and remote workers, it's never been easy to get face time with carrier underwriters, carrier marketing personnel, etc. There are many names in this business, and WSIA should be a great.

How are you preparing for WSIA?

  • Hamza: I'm preparing in three ways: Asking questions to the Pathpoint team that has attended, researching the event on my end, and getting best practices and tips from insurance experts like Ralph Blust (our CRO) on navigating events like WSIA.
  • Brian: I am only attending for one day, but the day I am attending is packed with current and former carriers of mine. I am preparing questions to ask related to our appetite and how prospective carriers fit into our way of doing business.

What have you heard about WSIA?

  • Hamza: It is a busy conference and a great place to network! I don't have much else of a perspective.
  • Brian: Many things - some who attend go for the social aspect. I know that WSIA is a great opportunity for brokers seeking additional capacity to seek out new partners.

Follow along with Hamza and Brian as they embark on their first WSIA Marketplace journey next week on LinkedIn!

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