The Complete Pathpoint 2023 WSIA Marketplace Guide

By Pathpoint


Pathpoint's First-Timers Guide to the WSIA Marketplace Event

September 2023

Pathpoint has developed a comprehensive guide for first-time attendees of the WSIA Marketplace. Gain valuable insights from industry experts and navigate the premier E&S gathering with confidence.

The Evolution of WSIA and its Impact on the E&S Industry

September 2023

Explore the profound influence of WSIA on the E&S industry as we look into its rich history and its pivotal role in shaping the industry's development.

Navigating WSIA Marketplace: A First-Timer’s View from Two Pathpoint Associates

September 2023

To gain a more comprehensive insight into the experience of newcomers at WSIA, we had the privilege of conducting interviews with two Pathpoint associates. These individuals will attend the upcoming WSIA Annual Marketplace event for the first time next week. Join us as we follow their journey before, during, and after the Marketplace event.