People of Pathpoint: Q&A with Zack Sutika

By Pathpoint

Zack, tell us how you started in the insurance industry.

I grew up 25 minutes outside of Flint, Michigan, in a small farm town called Linden with one working stoplight—eventually, I moved to Chicago and Indianapolis. My Dad and his two brothers were State Farm agents, so at 16, I took pictures of houses for their inspections. After college, I joined my brother's State Farm agency in Indianapolis and have been licensed and working ever since.

Insurance, indeed, can be a family affair. So, how did you become familiar with Pathpoint as an agent? What was your experience like?

I started writing with Pathpoint in March of 2023 for my habitational and property accounts, mainly Lessor's Risk. We needed a carrier that could help us deliver on speed. My experience with Pathpoint was so wonderful that I decided to join the team here to help grow the company that won our agency a lot of business.

"What Pathpoint brings to the market is very fresh and much needed."

It's great to hear you were happy working with us. Why did you want to join the Pathpoint team?

What Pathpoint brings to the market is very fresh and much needed. I believe in the products we sell and how we sell them. I wanted to join a team where I could bring something to the table, and Pathpoint allows that, as they really care to hear from everyone and want to make improvements.

So, now that you are an Account Manager, what is one thing you wish you had known as a Pathpoint customer?

I wish I would have known the volume each underwriter and Account Manager handles. I definitely would have been more understanding of the process and been happier than I already was with Dan Coakley, my Account Manager.

Dan will be happy to hear that. What advice can you give to newer agents entering the industry?

Always control what you can control, response time, and keep clients in the loop even when you are just waiting for an update yourself.

What insurance trend do you think agents should pay attention to?

Lender requirements: I see many agents need help with this and ensuring all the coverages the lender needs are in when they first present an option for their insureds. I have witnessed many deals die at the finish line due to incorrect coverages and premium changes that don't allow the insured to close.

Where do you see small commercial E&S in the next five years?

E&S will boom in the next four to five years, especially as E&S carriers get more of a foothold; they will continue to get more competitive with rates and speed.

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