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What Happens If My Submission is Referred?

By Pathpoint


Pathpoint aims to provide agents with quotes instantly; however, certain situations require additional review. In those cases, our goal is to provide you with clear next steps and explanations. Below is what you can expect if a submission is referred:

  1. Step One: Your submission referred
    Agents will receive a message stating that their submission has been referred and they can expect to hear from an underwriter within four business hours.
  2. Step Two: Review carrier explanations
    Look for carrier reasons for referral or declination per line of business. If you detect any errors, you will have the opportunity to make corrections and resubmit.
  3. Step Three: Choose your next steps
    Upon receiving a referral for a package submission, you can choose to wait for a package quote or proceed with binding any available monoline coverages instead.
  4. Step Four: If you receive a declination
    You should receive a quote, correspondence from underwriting, or a declination. If no carriers are a market, download our prefilled ACORDs and any additional explanations so you can continue your search.

For any additional questions, you have a resource with your Account Manager. You can also watch a short demonstration of the referral process here.

Click to download the referral process steps.