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People Behind the Product: Q&A with James McKernan

Join us as we go behind the scenes of Pathpoint, interviewing James McKernan, a visionary leader from our engineering team who shapes the future of insurance solutions. Discover the captivating world of innovation and learn how Pathpoint is revolutionizing the way E&S business is conducted.

Top Ten Classes to Target in 2024

Market conditions change, so accounts that were once a safe bet to base your entire book on may no longer be sustainable. Take a look at what business you should be prospecting in the new year.

What Happens If My Submission is Referred?

Pathpoint aims to provide agents with quotes instantly; however, certain situations require additional review. In those cases, our goal is to provide you with clear next steps and explanations.

2024 Upcoming Webinars to Attend

Each month, Pathpoint hosts multiple webinars on insurance trainings, product releases, and industry trends. Explore the webinars we are offering insurance agents in 2024.