Product Update: E-Sign State Supplementals

By Pathpoint


Say goodbye to manually filling out your state subjectivities. No more downloading and printing documents for signatures. 

You can now pre-fill and e-sign your forms. Save time for you and your client. Here’s how you can e-sign your supplementals:

  1. Select a quote in your Pathpoint dashboard.
  2. Click ‘Select option’.
  3. Under Subjectivities, select ‘E-sign’.
  4. Click ‘Start’ and fill out your state information.
  5. Then, click ‘Submit to sign’.
  6. Under Sign subjectivities, click ‘Sign’.
  7. A new tab will open for you to accept your signature and initials and to consent to using electronic signatures.
  8. Then, you can click the green ‘Start signing’ button. Click all the green boxes within the document to place your signature.
  9. After you’re done signing, return to the application within your Pathpoint dashboard.
  10. Under Send E-Signatures Link to Applicant, click ‘Get E-Sign Link for Applicant’.
  11. Copy the link and send it to the insured to obtain their e-signature.
  12. You’ll receive a confirmation email when the insured has signed their documents.

You can see in action by clicking here to watch a brief video

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