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Essential Guide: Lessor's Risk Only Insurance

Do you own a building and lease it as an office, retail, or warehousing space? If so, lessor’s risk only insurance is essential to protecting your business investment. As a commercial landlord, you’re always at risk of your property being the center of a lawsuit. Lessor’s risk only insurance helps shield you from these potential risks. Let’s explore lessor’s risk only insurance, the types of coverage, and how it helps your business.

Pathpoint blog post

Business Operations

Best Email Marketing Examples for Insurance Companies

Email marketing is a digital marketing channel used to introduce new products, offer discounts, generate leads and raise brand awareness. It can help insurance companies engage customers on their email list. To be effective, insurance agents can adopt email marketing best practices such as personalization, segmentation, and mobile optimization. In this article, we’ll highlight some insurance email marketing examples along with tactics to improve the user experience.